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Below are stories either I have written, I hope you enjoy them, and stories other people wrote. If anyone has a story they want posted here just e-mail it to me and I'll post it for you (and obviously the writer will receive full credit ^-^) I love getting reviews so please feel free to email me and let me know what you think.

Tsukino No Hikari


(Eventual Aya/Omi/Ken) I don't want to give too much away, but basically Omi gets taken from Weiss by Crawford eventually, but first he has to torture the poor boy.

Per Chance to Dream

Angst/Yaoi (Lemon?)

Omi starts to have nightmares about his past. Spoilers, my own little twist to the stories (it doesn't exactly follow the show, there are a -lot- of differences) Not sure on the pairings yet.

On Edge


Aya/Omi (and maybe more... what can I say I like yaoi 3some *shrug*) Well anyway this is AU so all of Weiss and Schwarz are in high school. Omi is new to the school and you'll have to read to know what it's about.


Angst/Slight humor/Yaoi/Shonen-ai

A mission is botched and Omi falls into what was thought to be lost memories and... this can't be right... OMI'S A CHIBI?!
(NOTE: This will hopefully be up soon, I kinda can't find the disc I saved it on to -_-; I'm gonna cry if I don't find it.)

Chapter one

I have not idea why I'm writing this. This would have to be the first fluff story I've ever written for Weiss. I hope it's ok. Aya/Omi and a nice little fluff filled moment (it's enough to give you cavities) it might even be a little AU/OOC sorry 'bout that. -_-'

The Sex-A-Holic


Hilarious yet slightly disturbing PWP Omi/OC. This fic was written by my faved (corrupted... Yes I am the one that did it, and damn proud of it) cousin, Kirsten, aka Kee Kee ^ . ^ This is her first fanfic so be gentle ^ . ^ (I LOVE THIS STORY KEE KEE-CHAN! *tackle glomp*)

My Writing or Artwork