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Lee-primary: Eh heh heh, Yes yes I know this is my second Weiss story in the time line of 2 days and I dont even have a 2nd chapter for the first one I started *looks slightly sheepish* Just for some reason I keep getting all these different ideas, Im going story-crazy (if thats even possible. *looks confused*

Lee-secondary: With you, Hikari, anything strange is possible.

Lee-primary: *looks miffed and slightly insulted* That was a bit mean. *pouts* Well anyway, this is a yaoi story (No kidding) and there will be lots of angst because my Yami loves angst.

Lee-secondary: *sadistic grin* You know me too well, Hikari.

Lee-primary: Not by choice, believe me.

Lee-secondary: *Feigns hurt* That wasnt very nice.

Lee-primary: So? Well lets get on with chapter 1, shall we?

Warning: Non-con situations, maybe a lemon later (Who knows?) Will get dark at times. (Will be slightly AU, but for most part it will follow the same story line.)

/Mind speak/ 'Thoughts' *Change of scenery* ~Time laps~


/Whats wrong koneko? Cant take it anymore?/

A figure lay naked and trembling on the bed, tears streaming down his face.

/Ill be back tomorrow, be ready for me bishonen./

~Next morning~

Omi winced as he tried to stand from his bed. He hadn't gotten any sleep last night, not with the memories running through his head. What bothered him the most were the mental images that he knew hadn't happened. In these images a tall man with orange-ish red hair and leaf green eyes would ravish him brutally until he was screaming in pain. He didnt know where these images were coming from, he'd never even met anyone with that description.

But then again, he didn't know whose memories were running through his head either. He hadn't been getting much sleep lately, due to these terrible memories, in fact he couldn't remember the last time he had a decent rest and it seemed to be catching up with him. The young blonde, about seventeen, with true blue eyes stared into the mirror, and did not like what stared back at him.

His once vibrant blue eyes looked so dead from exhaustion, and his once shiny, bright blonde hair now lay limp and dull. He had dark bags under his eyes and looked paler than he normally did. He also noticed he was a lot thinner, almost skeletal. 'When did that happen?' Was the thought that ran through his mind, 'I dont remember losing any weight.' He was slightly puzzled, but just passed it off as stress.

He moved from the mirror and grabbed a few items of clothing and made for the bathroom.

Once out of the shower, he dressed and went down the stairs to start work in the flower shop. He looked down at his attire and decided hed have to go shopping for new clothes later. His normal white and reddish-pink t-shirt was literally dangling off his wiry frame and his shorts looked and felt like they would slip off any moment, even with the belt... that he poked new holes in so the belt was a little tighter.

He shrugged, put his apron on and went to work, never noticing the concerned violet eyes watching him from the kitchen.

*In the Kitchen*

"Im beginning to think there is something seriously wrong with Omi." A nicely built brunette stated from his relaxed position on one of the four chairs in the kitchen.

"You worry too much Ken ken. Hes probably just got some exam or something in school coming up. Or even a date he's worried about." Another man, taller with chin length dark blonde hair stated lazily.

"Is that all you think about, Youji?" The brunette, Ken, huffed, "Youre impossible, you know that?!"

"Relax, Ken ken."

"Dont call me that!" He growled.

"Ooh, scary."

The two were just about to go into another one of their arguments until they heard a crash in the shop. The three men occupying the room (Yep Aya was in there two, he just happens to be impeccably quiet ^_^ ) When they arrived in the shop all they saw was the topic of the conversation sprawled on the floor, hand to the side of his head with blood running down his arm with dirt and broken pieces of a flower pot around him.

"Kami-sama, Omi are you ok?!" Ken rushed to the small form on the floor inspecting him for major injuries.

"Im fine, Ken-kun, just got a little dizzy, thats all." He looked to the broken shards of what once was a flower pot along with the dirt and flowers sprawled out next to him on the floor, "uh gomen nasai, I should probably clean this up, neh?" He gave them a small smile and tried to get up only succeeding in stumbling back down to the floor again, "Or I could just make myself comfortable right here." He stated flatly looking down at the tile.

"Here I'll take you to your room. You look like you could use a break." Ken offered.

"And a meal at that." Youji commented as Ken lifted Omi effortlessly.

Ken frowned, "I have to agree with Youji on that one, Omi. Sheesh you give a whole new meaning to light as a feather." He joked truthfully, "Now lets go take a look at that gash on your forehead, it doesnt look too deep."

Omi just nodded and wrapped his arms around Kens neck, Arigato, Ken-kun. He whispered.

~Later that evening~

Aya, Youji, and Ken gathered around the kitchen table after feeding Omi and making sure he was asleep.

"I think I agree with Ken ken, we should look after the chibi. Hes not lookin too healthy." Aya gave a curt nod in agreement to Youji's comment, and they discussed who would look after him when.

*In Omi's room*

The small blonde tossed and turned relentlessly at the images playing in his mind. Whimpering every now and again. He could practically feel the hands on him, and he definitely did not like that feeling. He awoke with a yelp as one extremely disturbing image flashed through his mind, nearly toppling off the bed.

He sat up in his bed looking around making sure there wasnt anybody there. He had the distinct feeling someone was watching him, and he didnt like it. He shook his head in confusion before turning on his side to try and go back to sleep. He didnt really want to go back to sleep, but he was just so tired.

/Heh heh, right where I want you, koneko. Ill come for you soon, you can count on that./ This was the last thought to run through the young teens mind, causing him to shudder uncomfortably, before he drifted off into another nightmare.

*Outside the flower shop*

"How kawaii. I cant wait to do such things to you, my sweet innocent little bishonen. You have no idea how much I long to touch your sweet innocent face, to taste your untainted blood." A man with orange/red hair and leaf green eyes thought to himself before turning away from the flower shop and walking down the road back to wherever he came from.

(I actually thought about leaving it here, but then I thought that would be cruel to you readers out there, also because this chapter just seems too damn short. ^_^ )


The four young assassins sat in the mission room watching as orders and images for there next mission flashed on the screen of the television set.

There orders? To hunt down and kill Takatori, Masafumi before he could corrupt anymore human beings and change them into monsters.

Going through all the information and getting Omi on the computer to research anything they may have missed, Weiss started their next mission.

*Masafumi's lab*

The four Weiss members arrived; they practically went right through Shrient to get to their target. Each Weiss member paired off to fight with a different member of Shrient. Aya seemingly the only one close enough to Masafumi seeing as how his sparring partner was accompanying him.

The four fought strongly against their opponents and finally got to Masafumi. A bit too late though, he had turned himself into one of his creations with the elixir he was currently developing. Aya was the one to face off with him first, until he found himself tangled up in the monsters vines.

Youji whipped out his wire and sliced through the vines while Ken leaped onto the beast from behind. Omi noticed Ken had probably put himself in major danger and called out to him to get off of Masafumi. In warning his friend he did not see the vines that whipped out to snag his boney little ankle, or the other vines that accompanied that one in order to tie him up.

The vines brought young Omi close to the beast, opening up its mouth; the beast was getting ready to devour the youngest of Weiss. He was about to eat him until he noticed something. This boy looked very familiar.

"Ma-mo-ru?" He sounded out each syllable to the best of his capabilities. The young assassin, startled, looked at him a bit confused. Masafumi was convinced. This boy had the same soft blonde hair, same bright true blue eyes, and he had the same small bone structure. Masafumi had always teased his younger brother Mamoru lovingly about his small stature until that day. That day that he would forever regret.

He shot a few more vines out to lovingly caress the young boys face.

"It is you." Masafumi quoted his thoughts aloud, 'Oh how I've missed you, little brother.' He thought to himself. He would have said it aloud, but it was getting harder to speak.

"That will be enough!" A deep, calm voice sounded from the window close to the ceiling.

"Huh?" Ken, ready to attack Masafumi and set his friend free, looked up to the ceiling a bit confused.

The building began to shake and crumble around them, debris falling everywhere. Ken yelled out for Omi while Youji dragged him and Aya to a safer area of the room. They watched as a large chunk of the cement ceiling came down, crashing against Masafumis head knocking him and Omi to the ground. Omi's body collided with the ground, in turn knocking him out. Masafumi, also knocked to the ground, just got the wind knocked out of him. He looked over trying to determine where the young blonde landed; he caught sight of the soft blonde hair and heard a crack from above.

Ken, Youji, and Aya looked on in utter shock and horror as another large chunk of the cement ceiling right above their motionless friend broke off and fell.

Masafumi, not wanting to lose the small bundle of happiness again, covered the comatose form with his own body taking the full impact of the heavy cement and successfully protecting Omi.

Weiss was, needless to say, quite shocked by this outcome. They did not expect their target to risk his life to save Omi. They were about to run over to the large form of Masafumi to see if Omi was alright, when Masafumi moved. They took up a defensive stance, ready to attack at any moment.

They stood, guard up, paying close attention to Masafumi's movements. Ken was about to protest when Masafumi lifted Omi's limp form, but was stopped.

"Wha? Youji?"

"Shh, watch." Was all he got in reply, and so he did, the three men looked on in awe as the beast form of Masafumi cradled the youngest member of Weiss to him tightly while tears fell silently down his face.

"Wha. Whats going on? What is he doing with Omi?" Ken wondered aloud.

"Ma-mo-ru?" The creature sounded out the syllables again, while shaking Omi gently to try and wake him up. "Ma-mo-ru?" Nothing, he received no response. He shook Omi a little harder the next time, and still nothing. Masafumi started to sob aloud, and brushed strands of Omi's soft blonde hair away from his closed eyes with another one of his vines. 'C'mon little brother, please open your eyes, I beg of you. OPEN YOUR EYES DAMNIT!' He thought forcefully to himself.





The shouting voices swirled around Masafumi's head relentlessly. He knew what he had to do, even if these men did kill him when/if they got out safely.

Masafumi got to his feet made for the exit as fast as he could, Omi still in his care. He noticed the rest of the group weren't too far away, he lifted them up as well and retreated. Masafumi delivered everybody outside safely, then raced as fast as he could back into the crumbling building when he heard what sounded like Tot screaming for help. He loved Tot like a daughter, and if she was still alive, he was going to save her.

Weiss just stood stunned. They didnt even get a chance to say thank you (LEE-PRIMARY: Not that Aya would have thanked him anyway. LEE-SECONDARY: 'No~ I can't thank him, hes a Mother F*cking Takatori.' L-P: *bops her yami with frying pan* Stop interrupting me. L-S: *Nurses the new bump on her head/glares at her hikari*). They didnt have a clue on what more they could do as the last of the building fell and still there was no sign of Masafumi Takatori.

"We should head home." Youji pointed out.

"Or to one of Kritikers Medical centers." Ken stated as he lifted the still unconscious Omi.

"Poor kid, I wonder what that was all about anyway." Youji thought aloud while scratching the back of his head thoughtfully. (L-P: YOUJI HAS FLEAS! L-S: *glares* Thats enough L-P.  L-P: *pouts* You always ruin my fun. *sulks*)

~Kritiker Med. Center (or at least one of them)~

"Well Tsukiyono-san will be ok, but Im afraid there are a few complications with his brain wave patterns." The doctor informed Aya, Youji, and Ken.

"What do you mean complications with his brain wave patterns?"

"Well we seem to be getting strange readings. I cannot explain it any further until I do more research on this subject. The brain is a very delicate thing." (L-P: Well the crazy doctor just confused the hell out of me. L-S: Youre such a dunce, youre the one writing this and you just confused yourself? If thats so, youre more stupid than I originally thought you were. L-P: *sticks tongue out like little 5 yr old* Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. L-S: Kami-sama, SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASE?!   L-P: *blink* she said please *faints*)


Trash it or update it? I'll work on it later, if anyone actually likes it *sigh/sweat drop*

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