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On Edge

Disclaimer: I don't own Weiss or the Weiss/Schwartz boys (damnit) *pouts* If I did Aya and Omi would deffinitly be a couple in the show (either that or it would be one big foursome *devilish grin* or one big orgy if you include the Schwarz boys ^_~ )

AU fic. All four Weiss and Schwartz are in high school (they're not assassins) Omi moves to a new town where he meets Ken, Yohji, Aya, Nagi, Shuldig, Farfie, and Crawford.

Aya, Yohji, Crawford, Shuldig, and Farfarello are seniors (punk/grunge) and Nagi and Omi are juniors (Goths)

Warning: Yaoi (don' like, don' read) will get dark at times, eventual Omi torture (maybe in this chapter).

Chapter 1

Class, we have a new student I would like you to meet his name is Tsukiyono, Omi. The sensei announced as a rather small, shy blue-eyed blonde-haired boy entered the room.

He was quite petite, downed in black bondage pants (crimson red bondage straps) a black long sleeved fishnet shirt with a black sleeveless shirt over top of it that displayed in English the word `TOOL' (I do not own the band either *pouts*) He also wore a small silver loop in his left ear and a black leather neck belt around his neck. The large size of his clothes just made him look that much smaller. He had creamy, smooth, flawless skin and the most innocent, beautiful crystal blue eyes, though they did hold a certain loneliness and hidden pain. To put thing simply, he was just too adorable.

Tsukiyono-san has transferred here from Amerika, (I don't really know where he's from, but like I said, this is AU so he's from America) and will be finishing out the school year with us. The teacher explained, then she turned to Omi, Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?

The small boy blushed a light shade of pink and nodded his head shyly, Ohayo gozaimasu, I'm Tsukiyono, Omi, nice to meet you.

Hey, new kid, where ya from? Asked a blonde boy in the back, his hair was a lighter blonde that fell to just below his jaw, he had green eyes and he looked to be at least 6'.

Huh? Oh, I'm not really sure myself where I'm truly from, my family travels a lot. The boy stated innocently.

Really? Now the teacher seemed interested, Where all have you been?

The boy looked thoughtful for a moment, Hmmm.. Well, I've been to every state in America, I lived in Canada for a while, and England, France, Rome, Italy, Australia, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Germany, and I think that's it.

The rest of the class just kind of stared blankly at him, `well the kid gets around.' The taller blonde thought to himself.

That's quite a traveling record you got there. Well you may pick a seat anywhere in the class.

Hai, arigato sensei. With that he looked around finding the one of the empty seats near the taller blonde in the back of the class.

Ohayo gozaimasu. He shyly greeted.

Hey there kid, I'm Kudou, Yohji, demo you can call me Yohji. The smaller blonde blushed lightly and smiled shyly, And you're obviously Omi. The boy stifled a small giggle at the taller boy's tone.

Hai, that I am. (Great, now I'm talking like Kenshin *rolls eyes* I don't own him either *pouts* but he's so kawaii)

The door burst open loudly as one figure came bounding through it.

Gomen nasai, sensei. I woke up late. A tall boy with messy brown hair apologized.

You know that is no excuse, Hidaka-san, now take your seat.

Hai, sensei. He smiled as he took his seat in the back of the class, it was the second out of three of the empty seats near Yohji, Omi noticed. Hey Yohji, how was your date last night?

I'm surprised at you Ken, I'm usually the late one, what happened to you?

Uh Ken blushed slightly, I kinda forgot to set my alarm and the parents already left for work. My sister's got a cold so she wasn't up to wake me in time to leave. He explained, Hey who's the new kid? He asked as he noticed a new head of blonde hair sitting next to the old one.

Oh, this is Omi, he transferred here from the states.

Ohayo gozaimasu. The blue-eyed boy greeted.

Ken smiled kindly, Ohayo gozaimasu, I'm Hidaka, Ken, demo you can call me Ken.

Arigato, Ken-kun.

Hey Yohji, where's the ice master?

Oh you mean Ran? I dunno, sick maybe?

~Lunch time~

Hey Ran, finally decided to show up? The only thing the tall blond received from the equally tall red head was an icy glare, Hey chill out (he cringe at his bad mental pun) hey, I want you to meet someone, he's new hear. He lead the violet-eyed read head over to Ken and Omi, Fujimiya, Ran I would like you to meet Tsukiyono, Omi. The small blonde gave a shy smile in greeting only to receive a nod as his returned greeting.

You could be a little more friendly you know. Ken muttered.

That's ok, I'm used to it. Omi stated quietly. I probably shouldn't get to know any of you to well, I most likely wont be here for very long. Ken gave him a curious look, then looked to Yohji.

He travels around a lot. Yohji explained.

Really? What do your parents do? Ken asked, not noticing the flinch at the mention of Omi's parents.

I live with my dad. I never met my mother. He stated simply, I'm not entirely sure what my father does, we just always end up moving around a lot. He shrugged.

The three boys just looked at him a bit stunned, how could he not know what his father does for a living? Yohji, being the big mouth of the group decided to voice this question.

You're how old? And you don't know what your own father does for a living?

Omi flinched yet again, I'm 16, and no I don't. We don't really talk much. And he left it at that.

Oh. Well that's strange.

Omi just shrugged, I guess so, I've just never really bothered to ask him.

~After school~

Oi, Omi-chibi! Omi stopped and turned to the person who yelled out to him.

I'm not a chibi. He pouted.

You're so kawaii. The taller blonde ruffled his hair as the other two taller boys walked up to join them. Headed home, koneko?

Omi blinked at the pet name (eh heh heh, couldn't resist) Um yeah, isn't that where most people go after school? He looked to cute when slightly confused Yohji noticed.

Would you like some company? Ken stated breaking into the `conversation'. Yet again Omi blinked, stuttering over a response.

Good, then it's settled, we'll walk with you. Yohji stated, nudging the smaller of the four along, Now which direction do you live in koneko? Omi blushed and pointed in the direction of the cheapy apartment buildings. The three older boys blinked a little stunned, And you were going to walk through there alone? A small, vulnerable thing like you? A small frown creased Omi's lips at Yohji's comment.

Vulnerable? Where'd you get that idea?

Yohji shrugged, Well I guess, if we're going to be walking through there we might want to get going before it starts getting dark.

And with that the four started walking.

~Arriving at Omi's place~

Well I guess I'll see ya'll tomorrow then, good night.

Um ok, buy Omi. Ken waved as the three boys watched the lithe form disappear behind the door leading into a worn down old apartment building.

I'm kinda worried about the runt. Yohji stated as they walked down the broken street.

Huh? How so? Ken asked.

Well, he lives. Here. He stated stretching his arms out as if the neighborhood were on display.

Yeah, I guess so.

There are other things too, just kind of the way he acts. He's so quiet and his eyes they seem lonely almost pained somehow.

Wow, never thought you could be so observant Yohji. Ken teased, Hm maybe you've got a point though, what do you think Ran?

Well if Yohji was able to pick all that up, I say we look out for the little one, just to make sure there's nothing wrong with him.

Ok then.

~Back with Omi~

Omi crept quietly into the apartment and cringed. He just couldn't figure out how it was possible that in less than three days his father was able to get the whole apartment to smell so heavily of liquor.

You're late. Stated a cold deep voice from the kitchen, followed by the sound of a can being opened.

Eh, gomen nasai, otousan. This new school lets out later than the last one, and I met some new people. He apologized.

That's no excuse you, lousy good for nothing brat. The man spat at the small blonde, then smacked him harshly across the face.

G-gomen nasai. The man glared at him and smacked him again.

You better not be late again tomorrow, or you'll be sure to get a beatin'.

H-hai otousan. Oyasuminasai. With that the young blonde scampered off to his room for the rest of the evening, knowing all to well the outcome of such a threat, not coming out `till the next morning to leave for school.

~School lunch~ (I know I know, time lapse. But do you really want to know what boring lessons the teacher might want to talk about? Yeah, didn't think so.)

So what're you doing after school today, Omi? Ken asked.

Huh? Oh going home? Omi replied.

Huh? Well that's no fun, why don't you hang out with us? We could show you around our `lovely' little city.

Arigato, Yohji-kun, demo I'm afraid I must decline. I have to be home after school, I have lots of chores plus the homework. Also with being new here, I have plenty of make up work. The smaller blonde recited as if he had said this many times before.

Um ok. Ken agreed awkwardly.

The bells about to ring, I'm gonna go throw out my trash.

Ok Omi. The three older boys watched as their new comrade walked over to the garbage can, There is definitely something wrong with him. Ken nodded in agreement.

What do you think, Ran?

I think Yohji might be right for once. Just keep an eye out for him.

Hai. The three boys gathered up their trays and threw out their garbage and joined Omi as the bell rang.

~After school~

Hey Omi wait up! Ken called from a short distance as he sprinted over to Omi, Yohji and Ran will be here in a minute to join us.

I should really get going now; I don't want to get home to late. Omi stated, biting his lower lip nervously.

It won't be too long; they'll be here any minute.

Hai, then I guess I can wait for a minute. Ken smiled warmly at the smaller and turned to face the two approaching figures.

Hey you two. Yohji greeted in his normal lazy tone. Ran just nodded his greeting and the four started to walk in the direction of Omi's apartment building.

~Dropping Omi off~

See ya'll tomorrow. And yet the three watched the lithe figure disappear behind the huge door before turning around to walk down the broken street again.

You're late, again. The small blonde flinched at the angered icy tone.

Gomen nasai, otousan, I didn't mean to take so He was cut off as his father back handed him across the face hard enough to send him to the ground.

Don't talk back to me you little brat! You're not my equal and never will be, show me some respect you little bastard! Omi trembled still sprawled on the floor.

G-gomen nasai Yet again he was cut off as a foot connected with the side of the head. He yelped in surprised pain as he fell to his side. His father delivered another blow to his ribs and gut. Then he was thrown against a wall.

Who said you could speak, ya low life trash?! Omi just whimpered in response, blood dripping from a small gash on his temple and from the corner of his mouth.

You were late, and I told you to get here on time. I thought I made myself perfectly clear. The man spat as he removed his belt from his pants.

Omi yelped again the metal buckle of that very same belt connected with his ribs, effectively cracking two of them. He rolled to his side the tried to push him self up. He cried out in pain as the metal buckle came down yet again, this time connecting with his back. Several times until he fell unconscious.

The next morning Omi found himself bandaged up lying on his bed. He got up slowly to get dressed and found a note on his suit case (Because the travel a lot, they live out of a suit case, so they don't bother unpacking.) Being used to this he picked to note up and read it. The note read:

There, you're bandaged and you'll be fine. Go to school and don't be late. You better be home on time tonight, I have a date and don't want to worry about whether you got home safely or not.

Omi crumpled the note and threw it aside. His father always did this after beating him down. He slowly got dressed as to not aggravate his already cracked, sore ribs.

When he was completely ready for school he checked the clock, noticing that he was about 5 minutes late. He scurried out of the house and jogged down the street, cursing lightly under his breath at the searing pain in his chest due to his ribs.

Hey have either of you seen Omi yet? He's ten minutes late. Ken asked.

No, maybe he has a cold or something. Yohji stated.

At that very moment a thin, rather disheveled looking blonde burst through gasping for air and clutching his ribs.

G. Gomen nasai. sensei. I over slept. The teacher looked at him a little stunned.

Uh. Ok, well this is your first late, Tsukiyono-san, so I'll only give you a warning. Demo next time I wont be able to let you go so easily.

Arigato sensei. With that he made his way to the back of the classroom and took his seat by Yohji. As he sat he was still clutching at his ribs, subconsciously trying to ease the pain coursing through them. This little action did not escape the three boys sitting next to him.

Hey you ok Omi? Ken asked, concern clearly written in his soft brown eyes.

Yeah, you don't look so good kid. Yohji stated.

Hai, I'm fine. He lied.

Omi, you're bleeding. Ran stated as he took a tissue from his bag and dabbed at the gash on Omi's temple. Omi winced in pain.

It's nothing, honest. Just tripped on my way down the stairs in the apartment, that's all. Omi lied.

The other three boys gave him a curious look, but left it alone.

This same thing seemed to go on for two months, and the three were starting to get a bit worried, though they wouldn't let Omi see it.

Authoress: That's the end for that chapter, will update soon (I hope) Please tell me what you think, this *is* my first Weiss Kreuz fic. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to incorporate Schwarz into this just yet *looks sheepish* gomen nasai.

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