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"Omi!!! Please help me PLEASE!"

"Where are you...Help me find you...

"I don't know where I am....Oooh Omi please help me."

Omi runs to the left and runs looking through storage boxes, water dripping from the pips above.

Please tell me where you are..?"

He scatters to a room at the end of a dark, chilled, and smug hall where
he sees a cell room. The door is patched shut by wire, bolts, and locks.

Omi, Please help me!!"

As a bloc hammer sits next to another box, Omi thinks about how he is going
to get her out of there. Then out of the middle of no where Rwarshui
drops in and looks deep into Omi's eyes...

"Oooh Omi, I don't know how to tell you this but....ummmm......"

Rwarshui kisses Omi. As their lips touch Omi is over whelmed with
passion and weakness. As their lips part and more and more space comes
in-between them.

"Rwarshui, What was that for?"

"For the way I feel about you, Omi.I couldn't tell you the way I
feel...SOo0o0o I'm showing you"

Omi sits on one of the empty wood boxes, with his lips still wet and
moist with the flavor of Rwarshui.

"Can we please finish this later? Im in the middle of trying to save a
trapped woman in this cell room..?"

There was no woman in there. It was just me. I brought you in here so
I could show you how I feel about you."

Omi with a confused look, mission terminated face...

"Oooh, ok...So.....

Interrupted by Rwarshui.

But I don't guess this matters to you, because you don't like me or
care about me anyways so you can just leave."

"But Rwarshui I love you.

"What did you just say..?"

"I said I love you Rwarshui.Your the only person in this world that
really matters to me. With all the goodness of my heart I'm telling you the

"Omi, I love you too."

As they both gazed into each others eyes, Omi realized that he had
finally found someone.

"Rwarshui, I love you."

Omi put his hand on Rwarshui's shirt and pulled down his sleeves and
kissed his neck as he undid the rest of his shirt. As Rwarshui started to
do the same, He was stopped my Omi.

I don't know if I can do this Rwarshui, I don't know."

"Yes you can Omi. What is stopping you? You love me and I love you."

Omi then pulled done the rest of his shirt and undid the rest.AS they
started kissing again, Rwarshui started to undo Omi's pants. As the pants
feel to the ground, Rwarshui was frightened by what he saw...

"Oooh My Gosh...! What the hell is that..?"

Omi with an embarrassed look on his face pulled back up his pants and
ran behind one of the wood storage boxes.

Ohh, Omi I'm sorry...

"What's that supposed to mean??"

"Nothing, I just I thought you'd have a bigger man hood, that's all."

"Look Rwarshui, I forgot my pump OK!!'

"Oooh Omi I'm So Sorry. Its enough for me (as he thought to himself
that Omi's 3inch dick wouldn't make him happy anytime soon, and that Omg
I'm gonna be on the job all the time...).

Omi came out from behind the boxes.

"Is that true..?"

"Yes, Omi (thinking NO No No No NO....I'm domed.NO0o0o00o0o0o00o...) Its
enough for me."

"Ok Rwarshui...Thank you, but most other guys say that they don't even
feel a thing except for the occasional itch, but I don't know where that
comes from. So that's why I have a dildo that attaches to mine and after
that, they ask were they can get one of those dills, and they laugh and

Ohh, Omi...I'm sorry".

"Hey can we go now..?"


As they left the cellar, they stopped at a church to get married. Then
for the next two months Omi uses his pump while Rwarshui fucks him and
then after about two months of this and Omi wanting it every night
Rwarshui is taken to the hospital for cramps ands pains. He is given an
examination and well he was diagnosed as a FUCK-O-HOLIC.

The End.


Monday through Sunday for the past two months...
Rwarshui- "If I do this anymore Im gonna go limp and die."
Omi- "I hope I start growing or something soon

two months later...

Rwarshui- "I've gone limp"

another two months later......

nurse- "Doctor, I think he's death has finally came...
The Doctor-" we have a flat line already... the poor lad...."
Omi-" Noooo who's going to fuck me every night?"
Dead Rwarshui-"Fuck your self!!"

The final end

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