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Lee-Primary: Welcome to the Black Cat! =^..^=

Lee-Secondary: Or you could just say 'Welcome to Bombay!' Considering that's the title.

L-P: I like my 'Welcome sign' better it's more fun ^.^

L-S: -_-;

L-P: I'm makin' a website~ I'm makin' a website~ *does an incredibly stupid little 'victory' dance*

L-S: *bops her Hikari upside the head* Baka...

L-P: *Is currently watching all the pretty bombay kittens whirling around her head* @_@

L-S: My hikari's main point of this site is to post her short stories and fanfiction. (even though we already post our FF on and

L-P: *nods* yep yep, but that's not completely it... I just need to think of more stuff I can do with it (I'm sure my corky imagination will be able to think of -something-) But, yeah my main reasoning for this site was a place I could call my own that would hold my stories *_* *gets all starry-eyed*


Newness (er... news...?)

Saturday, August 2, 2003

I GOT A JOB! *bounces around the room happily/stops when she notices her mom and brother are looking at her strangely/tries to regain her 'composure' as she sits back down at the computer* ehem *clears throat* I mean... I now have a job (my very first job! *_*) at a very nice flower shop, it's so purrty and I just can't wait 'til I start ^.^

I also went on my very first date Thursday, July 31, 2003. Well actually it was a double date with my sister and her boyfriend and I didn't actually -know- it was a date at the time but um... yeah. We went to see Tomb Raider, the 2nd one, it sucked... majorly. I cannot bring myself to even consider refering that movie to even my -worst- 'enemy' -_-;

Monday, August 4, 2003

I START MY JOB TOMORROW~! *bounces around the room happily/stops when people look at her funny/blush* um... eh heh heh... sorry?

Tuesday, August 5,2003

Well I love my new job, though I do now hold a new respect for the men of Weiss ^.^ I am the youngest (as far as I know) workin' there so far. I got to clean a whole bunch of flowers, swept more than I ever thought I would, and that's 'bout it.

I'll have more information for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12,2003

*yawn* O.O I completely forgot to write in here what happened on the 6th... so sorry. I'm sure you wouldn't care anyway -_-;

I am so tired *yawn/dazes/jerks back awake* It's Tuesday so we got all our flowers in today... I had lot's of flowers to clean along with lots of phone calls to take + I had to ring up my first customer today. That's not all either, when cleaning flowers you make lots of mess consisting of: leaves, the part of the stem you cut to give the flowers a fresh cut, rubber bands that hold the bunches of flowers together, and plastic that raps around the flower. All of this must be swept up when you're done so you don't slip on it and get hurt... I had to sweep all of this up, both the mess I made and the mess the other two ladies made while they were cleaning flowers and doing arrangements.

The other two ladies must have been tired too, they had a dozen arrangements to make + cleaning flowers as well and taking the phone calls I didn't get to or ringing up customers. Tuesdays in the shop are hectic.

I busted my nuckle (it's bruised and it hurts like a bitch) on the garbage can when I was making a fresh cut on the baby's breath. It hurts it hurts it hurts~ ;_;

That's about all I have for today, I think I'm gonna go take a nap.


Wednesday, August 13, 2003

So~ tired *falls asleep as she's typing/wonders how that is possible* My feet hurt, and I have so many mosquito bites -_-; That really doesn't have anything to do with anything but oh wells. I don't really have much to say, work was fun/hectic, and I smell purrty-ful 'cause I work in a flowers shop not to mention I just got outta the shower ^_^ I might have more to say tomorrow... I hope (I HAVE TOMORROW OFF!! ^.^)

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Well looks like I'm gonna have to go back into the flower shop on my day off -_-; My sister's boyfriend and a friend of their's landed themselves in the hospital. So we're going to the flower shop to order some pretty get well flowers ^.^ I really hope they're ok, I'm getting a little too attached to Dan (the b/f) He's becoming such a close brotherly-figure.

I'll try to have more on here later, but until then, ja ne.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Wow, is it really the 17th? About 8 years ago today I moved here @_@ I know, I know, it's kinda dopey that we still -sorta- celebrate that -_-;;

Well anyway, My sister's b/f is doing ok. The doctors are taking skin from his legs and graphing it onto his arm (the one he nearly blew off). I haven't seen him yet but I did go to the hospital Thursday night in order to see him -_-; My brother got to see him. He's on morphine for the pain to he's a little out of it (I remember what it feels like when you're on morphine, I was on morphine when my appendix burst a few years ago. It's actually quite humorous the stories my friends may tell. ^.^;) I'll try to find out more information for ya'll ttyl.