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Chapter 9

"Tadaima!" Youji's voice rang freely through the apartment section of the Koneko as he and Aya stepped in with two bags of take-out in hand, "Dinner time!"

Youji scratched the back of his head in thought as he looked over to the ice-cold red-head, "Where are those two?" In return for his question all Youji received were a shrug and a blank look.

"Ken?!... Omi?!" Youji called again as he started for the living room.

Youji and Aya entered the living room; they both noticed the hunched over, dark figure resting on the couch.

Approaching cautiously, Youji timidly called out, "Ken?"

Aya flipped on the light switch introducing the two young men to the brown haired youth's state.

Ken was indeed hunched over, his head resting in his hands as his tense body shuddered every once in a while.

Aya scurried over to Ken and took a seat on the couch next to the obviously upset younger male, as Youji knelt down on the floor next to the ex-soccer player.

"Ken, what are you doing in the dark? What happened?" Aya asked with a slight hint of concern in his deep stoic voice.

"H-he t-took him." Was all the younger could seem to stutter.

"Ken? Who are you talking about?... Are you ok? You don't look so good."

"Crawford. he just. he scooped him up and took off." Ken answered in a far off whisper as a violent shudder racked his body.

The two older males could sense the tears in his voice and automatically knew who he was talking about.

It was Aya who came out of his trance first. The young red-head put his arms around the younger man comfortingly, allowing the young brunette to lean against him.

"What happened?" He asked calmly as he held onto his lover.

"I. I was talking to him, you know, so I could figure out what' been bothering him lately. He got a little upset and took off. I chased after him and just as I got through the shop doors I saw Crawford exit a car and grab him. He struggled but Crawford wouldn't let go of him." Ken choked down a sob as he buried his face into Aya's strong chest.

Aya, who was rubbing Ken's back soothingly, stopped their movement as he looked to Youji with an angry fire in his eyes that seemed to rival the one he had when they saw Takatori, Reji.

Youji's hands balled into fist as his own body trembled with anger and fear. His anger, no doubt, directed at Crawford and fear for what the bastard might do to Omi.

"How are we gonna get him back? We don't even know where the bastard is." Youji stated icily.


"Hey crawfish. Where ya been?"

"Knock it off Schuldig, and the name's Crawford, you ignoramus."

"Ooh, ouch you wound me, Craw, you really do." The fiery red-head responded sarcastically as he teasingly rubbed up against Schwarz's stern leader. After receiving the glare he always seemed to get from the American, Schuldig left the room in search for his young lover.

Finding the boy in his own room, Schuldig entered with a dark expression.

Nagi blinked, confused, "What's wrong, Schu?" The young teen asked.

"Crawford is one sick bastard." He said aloud.

"Well yeah, but we already knew that. But you don't usually think about that everyday."

"True, but I think this would have to be the worst he's ever done."

"Enough with the suspense already, Schu, what did he do this time?"

"Do you know if Weiss is still hiding out in that flower shop?"

"Yeah, I believe they still are.. Why?"

"Can you get me the number for said flower shop?"

Nagi looked up at his lover warily, "Of course I can, but I ask you again. Why?"

"It would seem Crawfish has taken a liking to our dear little kitten."

The small teen's eyes grew twice their size before he was able to utter a word in his stupor, "W-what has h-he done?"

"I'll tell you once we get the rest of Weiss together. Now hurry up and get in contact with them, I'm sure they're missing him terribly."


"What have you done with him?! Where's Omi?!"

"Hey, calm down. We're worried about the little kitten too." Schuldig said as he raised his hands in a sign of peace.

The young ex-J leaguer had the decency to look a bit stunned as he let go of the telepath's lapels.

"W-what do you mean?"

"I always knew Crawford was a sick bastard, but I never once thought he would go this far." The fiery red-head started.

"What do you mean? What does Crawford plan to do with Omi?" Youji asked tensely.

"Are you absolutely certain you want to know?"

Aya glared at the telepath, so he went on.

"Turns out our residential bastard has been selling the little angel."

"What do you mean? How do you know this?" Ken asked fearfully as Nagi looked at Schuldig wide-eyed.

"Now Crawford was able to put up a mental block against me, yes, but I've been training my power and now when I come in contact with him I can read his mind as well, just not as thoroughly as I can read all of yours." Schuldig explained, "The boy has only had one customer so far, from what I could tell, but I can only guess that Crawford kidnapped him in order to gain more than just a few ours and one customer."

"So you mean. Crawford's been prostituting Omi?" Youji asked half in disbelief and half in pure rage.

Schuldig nodded.

"How'd this happen?" Muttered Ken. He felt a burning, white-hot anger building up inside him. Oh how he was going to make Crawford pay.

"I'm a mind reader, I can't see the past and I lost my connection before I could delve deeper into Bradley's mind. Though from what I've gathered this happened while the kid was at school. Bradley's can see licks of the future, perhaps he saw something the boy was fated to that day and took advantage of the situation."

"But what could he have seen that would open up a window for him to start this mess?" Aya asked in his normal icy tone as he moved towards Schuldig dangerously.

"Easy red, I told you I. don't. Know." The telepath defended.

"Well, do you have any idea where Crawford might have taken him?" Nagi asked timidly.

"Ahhh, that's where you come in Nagi-kins, I need you to use that incredibly intelligent brain of yours to old master creepiness." Schuldig smirked then frowned as he added, "Oh and Nagi, I want you to stay as far away as possible from Crawford. I don't want him getting any funny ideas about you also."

The petite brunette nodded his agreement. The slender telekinetic never really did care too much for Crawford, and even though he knew Schwarz and Weiss were supposed to be enemies, Nagi didn't really hate Weiss. If anything, Nagi sort of envied the seemingly close-nit relationship his rivals held.


A pair of dulled true-blue eyes slowly fluttered open as the small owner of those very eyes came more awake and alert to his surroundings. He had no idea where he was and he wasn't exactly sure he wanted to know, either.

Omi wriggled around only to find his legs were tied together tightly at the ankles and his hands were tied, just as tightly as his ankles were, above his head to what he was guessing was the headboard of the bed he was currently tied down to.

He heard a door close not too far off in the distance and footsteps approaching the room he was being held in. The door opened and a dim light was flicked on.

"So you're awake. I thought you would be out a bit longer, perhaps I underestimated you. No matter, this works out much better." Came a smooth, dark voice. Omi turned his head to face the newcomer and found Bradley Crawford, pimp extraordinaire, lounging against the doorframe.

"W-were am I?" Omi winced at how raspy and tired his voice sounded in his ears, "How did I get here? Untie me now!"

"Crawford moved forward and sat down on the bed next to Omi's vulnerable form.

"I will not untie you." He stated simply as he started the gently caress the boy's smooth, pale cheek, "As for how and where you are. I brought you here to my apartment."

"Won't the three wonder what's going on?" Blue eyes glared furiously, showing that the boy wasn't completely broken just yet.

"No, this is where I stay when I get frustrated with those idiots." The older male explained, "They do not know where we are, I doubt they even know I have you."

"Why did you take me away? Why did you bring me here?" Omi demanded as he tried desperately to move away from Crawford's now traveling hands, "Don't touch me, you sick pedophile."

Crawford smacked the small blonde across the face before responding in heated anger, "Who do you think you are?! I own you, do not forget that." He spat in the young boy's face. Glaring at the teen, Crawford stood up and retrieved a knife from his pocket. He walked to the end of the bed, cut the ropes around Omi's ankles, setting the boy's legs free. "You have a customer." He sneered as he left the room and the glaring teen.


Chapter 10

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