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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A few days had passed with both the three members of Weiss and the three members of Schwarz growing incredibly frustrated.

Nagi being the young genius he is had found the motel their leader had gone to, only to find that it had already been ‘evacuated’ so to say.  Crawford, being as is a precog, had easily evaded their attempts to catch him. He slipped through their fingers like water. 

This same routine seemed to drag on for quite a bit.  As if to mock them, Crawford wouldn’t bother to tidy anything up, therefore leaving plenty of evidence for the young men to find as proof of what happened in the various motel rooms.

The only item that seemed to stay persistent through all of their raids was a bloody strand of rope laying directly in the center of the motel room’s double-bed.

Gathering up every shred of evidence, kritiker now had the ability to track down these ‘Customer’ Crawford had lined up, and have them arrested for Statutory rape.

It was a Thursday night; the men of Weiss and Schwarz sat in the mission’s room of the small flower shop.  Ken and Yohji occupied the couch, Aya stood in his well visited corner of the basement while Schuldig hogged the cozy reclining chair.  Farfarello sat atop a coffee table closest to Schuldig as he played with his favorite gold-toned retractable blade.  Nagi sat at Omi’s computer, hacking away at the keys searching for Crawford’s next hit-place.

Crawford had been dodging them by using his customers names when reserving and signing into the Motels, but Nagi had managed to find him through security cameras in certain buildings while the others either asked for descriptions from the desk clerk (Weiss members) Scar the crap out of the workers (Farfarello) or read the employee’s mind (Schuldig).

“What’s today?”  Ken asked.  He wasn’t sure why, but for some reason not yet dawning on his exhausted mind the date was important.

“Thursday.”  Yohji slurred tiredly.

“No, not the day, the date?”

“January 31st I believe.”  Aya stated a bit confused as a look of panic crossed his brunette boyfriend’s facial features.

“Why, What’s so important about it Kenken?” Yoji asked a bit confused.

“You both read the information Omi printed out about the rapist, right?”

“Yeah what about it?” Yohji asked.

Aya’s violet eyes snapped up to meet Ken’s, “Tomorrow’s the first of February.”

Ken nodded as Yohji looked even more confused, “Yeah so?”

“Meaning the rapist is going to take his newest victim tomorrow, you idiot.”  Schuldig intercepted as he read Ken’s mind.

Yohji growled looking as if he wanted to claw Schuldig’s eyes out.

“Schu, I don’t think we should be insulting them.  It’s not helping the situation at all.”  Nagi stated quietly but with hint of a scold to it.


“Are you absolutely positive he’ll be ready for me by tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I’ve spoken to his pimp already.  He has agreed to allow you as much time as you wish as long as you keep the boy alive.”

“I guess that’s reasonable.”

“He’s holding the boy at the Jinsenguru Motel.  Meet me there at eight-thirty tomorrow nght.”


Crawford was cutting the weak young blonde’s bindings in their newest motel room rather agitatedly.  Omi was the slightest bit nervous as the pre-cog was using a very very sharp knife in order to cut through the thick rope, a blade sharp it would have no problem slicing through his smooth skin like a hot knife through butter.

“You have another customer tonight, Weiss.” He stated, “Have fun…” 

Omi glared at the man with all the furry his weak form could muster, which was surprisingly quite a bit for the state he was in, though it still did not look threatening in the least the older male whom, in return to the look, just laughed a mocking laugh and left the room.

In the pre-cogs place stood a gruff looking man in his mid-forties.  His eyes were empty except for the slight glimmer of lust and violence in their faded grey depths.  His doughy pink face held a dazed and creepy-looking smile, telling the boy that he was in for quite some trouble, for how long he did not know.  His suspicions were confirmed when he noticed the man remove a small bag from his shoulder that he had not seen before. From that bag the man pulled what looked to be two reels of cable of moderate thickness.

Alarms started going off in Omi’s head as the man padded heavily to the bed and covered his mouth with a cloth doused with ether.  He gasped, his head swimming with the light-heated sensation the chemical brought to him, he commanded himself not to breathe the stuff in anymore, but he couldn’t help it as he sucked in another lungful of air his body demanded it needed to clear his head of the first breathe he had inhaled.

Black specs danced across his vision as he fought off unconsciousness, and failed miserably.


When Omi came back to the land of consciousness he found himself tied up with the very same wire he has seen the man pull from the bag.

The cord was wrapped around his throat uncomfortable tight then crossed behind his back tying his hands together then crossed again to tie around his ankles separately so his knees were bent and legs were spread apart baring all.  This position left completely open and vulnerable.  It also told him exactly who his customer was.

Chapter 11

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