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Chapter 8

Over the next few days both Omi and Youji noticed the residential 'ice queen' and the ex-soccer player were spending a lot more time around one another than usual. Not only that, but they also seemed to act friendlier with each other than what would be deemed 'normal' for them.

"So what's going on with you two?" The oldest member of asked one day while Omi was off at school.

The ex-J leaguer blinked, "What do you mean?"

Youji snickered knowingly, "I know you and 'red' have got something going." He stated matter-of-factly as he earned himself a pretty little blush on the brunette's tanned face, "I just wanted you to know, the chibi's affections run a little deeper than just friendship. That boy is like a little brother to me. If either one of you ever do anything to hurt him you'll find yourself in a world of pain." As if to put extra emphasis on his point, the lanky blonde popped his knuckles loudly.

Ken almond shaped olive-green eyes took on the size of dinner plates before he was able to stutter out as coherent response as he took on the defensive, "I-I would n-never even -dream- of hurting Omi. N-neither would Aya. We care just as much as -you- do. In fact we care for him beyond a brotherly relationship. But do you have -any- idea how hard it is to tell some one as sweet and perfect as that bishonen how much you love him?" By the end of his tirade, the brunette's eyes were wide with shock that he just expressed that out loud to his friend and ally. I bright shade of pink just seemed to engulf his whole face.

Youji corked an eyebrow at this confession. Now he -knew-, or at least suspected rather, that Hidaka Ken might have some romantic interest in the boy, but -Aya-?! That was completely unexpected. Youji just hoped everything would work out ok and the three of them would finally find some peace and happiness in their crazy and hectic lives.

Being the oldest out of the four of them, Youji felt he had a sense of responsibility over them. He liked to look at himself as the fatherly, er. elder brotherly type figure. He tried to look after the three of them, but most of his concern lay with Omi. Omi was the youngest and most na´ve out of them. Even being through all that he had been through, the little assassin was still so innocent and Youji didn't want that spoiled, not for anything.

In the next few minutes the subject of their conversation flew past them with a 'woosh' of air and a small "Tadaima" and up the stair the boy went.

This had to been going on ever since the first day that boy had detention. Everyday after school the small blonde would fly past them and up to the bathroom in search of a shower. He stayed mostly to himself, only talking to any of them when he was spoken to. He also seemed to aquire a lot more bruises that they -knew- weren't from missions.

There was the other factor of the boy sometimes disappearing for hours on end over the weekend. When the boy would get back he looked exhausted and pale (or even flushed on some occasaions) Youji, Ken, and Aya just couldn't understand it. They wanted to know what -fuck- was going on.

Even with Aya's rule up that Omi must always be looked after, they still didn't know what was going on. And that was pretty sad.


"I think you'll like this one." The owner of a deep, masculine voice smirked.

"Hmmm. depends, what's he look like? How old is he?" Another deep voice asked, this one had a more gruff, hard edged sound to it.

"He's rather small, with silky blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. His eyes, I believe, are his best feature. So full of innocents with an underlying dark loneliness. He actually -was- an innocent. I was his first." The first voice answered as the man smirked again, "The boy is seventeen, though he looks younger, and quite flexible. He's also a feisty little one, put up a bit of a struggle at first. All around he's a great fuck."

"Doesn't sound like the type I usually go for, sounds too innocent. Though the way you described his eyes. I'm curious. I must taste this little 'treasure' of yours. You will set me up with him, won't you Mizaki?"

"Of course."


"Omi. can I talk to you for a minute?" It was hours later, the sun was just about to set. Aya and Youji had left to get dinner.

"Ken-kun? Um. yeah, come in." The boy answered from his seat at the computer, "What did you need, Ken-kun?"

The older boy inhaled deeply before taking a seat on the small blonde's bed.

"I'm worried about you." Ok so that didn't come out as composed as he had hoped, but at least he was getting to the point, ne?

"Nani? Naze?(1)" Omi blinked a bit confused.

"Well you've been acting a bit. strange lately. You know. as if the world were out to get you." Was it just him or did Omi look paler? "There are other things too. Are you having problems at school? I don't mean work wise, I know you would or even could ever have problem with anything like that. I mean with the kids at school, whenever you get home always seem to be bruised or hurt in some way. You don't talk to any of us anymore, you just run to the bathroom."


"You know you can tell me anything, right? I'm always here for you, Omi. Youji and Aya are too, even if they don't always seem like to be."

"Uh. H-hai, Ken-kun. I." Omi paused.

"No matter -what- I'll always support your decision, please know that."

"Ken-kun, I. I. I CAN'T!" Crystal tears lined the boy's beautiful blue eyes as he bolted from the bedroom.

"Omi!" The startled brunette jumped up from his spot on the bed and took off after his upset friend. Shit! He hadn't meant to make the boy cry, "Omi wait!"

Ken made it out of the shop just in time to see Omi go crashing into a man stepping out of a car.

The man being none other than Bradley Crawford, wrapped his arms around the frightened, trembling boy and started dragging him into the very car he just stepped out of. He wasn't going to let the blonde get away this time.

The contact received by Crawford startled Omi. The blonde began to struggle violently, but couldn't break the grasp the tall creepy man had on him.

"OMI! NO!" Ken took off after his friend, but he was too late. The brunette just narrowly missed running into the car as it sped off.

"SHIT! OMI!" The green eyed boy fell to his knees as tears of his own fell to the cold cement below him.

Chapter 9

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