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Chapter 6

"Some one should ride with Omi to school and pick him up afterward." Aya stated plainly.

"Well that was random." Youji snorted.

"Um. why?" Ken asked.

"Well didn't you hear that Schwarz bastard? He said he would come for Omi again. That means that Omi isn't safe wondering around by himself."


"He's an assassin, Aya, he can take care of himself."

"Oh really? Then how did he end up in Pre-cog's arms last night?"

"Eh. Good point."

"So who's taking Omi tomorrow?" Ken spoke up.

"Why don't you, Ken ken?" Youji stated as he slung an arm around the ex- soccer player's broad shoulders.

"So Ken it is. I'll take Friday." Aya confirmed, "That means you take him Monday, Kudou."


"I'll see you after school, Ken-kun." Omi waved with forced enthusiasm.

"Bye Omi." With that the brown-haired assassin sped off on the motorcycle.


The lunch bell rang as Omi pleaded for it not to. The blonde-haired blue- eyed teen had yet another 'appointment' with Mizaki-sensei. If he thought he hated school before that was nothing compared to his feelings for it now.

He walked off at a dreadfully slow pace, as if on his way to his own death, which basically was if you look at it from his point of view.

Finally arriving at his teacher's door he slowly creaked it open and hesitantly stepped in only to be greeted by a terribly horny teacher.

"On your knees, Tsukiyono." Omi nodded and knelt down, well at least Mizaki wasn't having him strip for crying out loud.

Mizaki stood from his perch on the desk and slid into his desk's roller chair. "Now crawl to me."

Omi paled, of all the degrading. All that was left of his self-dignity flew right out the window and into space.

Mizaki watched hungrily as his best student crawled up to him. He just wanted to ravish the small blonde then and there, but knew that he couldn't, not during school hours anyway. What if another teacher heard one of Omi's pain filled cries out and walked in to see him fucking the little angel?

Once Omi made it to Mizaki, said man shoved the little blue-eyed teen under the desk and rolled his chair to block Omi's escape.

"Now, my beautiful little toy, I want you to undo my pants and suck me off real good. I want to feel the wonders that lovely little mouth of yours can give."

Omi paled further. 'This was not happening, this was not happening, this -was not- happening!' his mind continued to scream. The demand finally registered when Mizaki's big hands took Omi's smaller ones and placed them on his fly and went through the motions of undoing the zipper and button, then forcing the boy's hands into slipping the pants away from his hardened member and revealing that the man wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Now suck it, whore." He purred.

Omi looked at him warily.

"I said suck it." The man hissed as he jerked Omi forward onto his lap.

The small blue-eyed blonde-haired reluctantly took the large, hard appendage into his mouth and almost gagged at both the taste and the fact that his teacher tried to burry himself into the petite teen's mouth.

To stop himself from choking, Omi sucked him off as tears trailed slowly down his pale, smooth face.

Mizaki moaned in pure pleasure as he laced his hands threw Omi's thick, silky gold-blonde strands. He yanked roughly on the hair earning him a pained whimper that sent pleasurable vibrations up his spine and threw his body.

"Y-you're. uhn. v-very good ssss ah at this." Mizaki panted and moaned.

A few minutes later Mizaki came with a stifled moan as he yanked harshly on the silky blonde locks again. This earned him a yelp and a choking/gagging sound as Omi accidentally choked down some of the man's seed.

"I want you to swallow all of it. Drink everything I've got, bitch."

Omi swallowed it then dry heaved.

"You'll get used to it." With that Mizaki zipped up his pants and threw a fifty dollar bill at him. "Now get out of here, you wouldn't want anyone to see, now would you?"

Omi walked slowly down the hallway to a secluded boy's bathroom. Once safely in the bathroom, the young assassin slid to the floor as harsh sobs wracked his lithe body. The boy cried until tears refused to fall, thus reducing him to a pathetic pile of small whimpers and hic-ups.

Crawling over to one of the bathroom stalls, Omi pushed open the door and proceeded to empty all the contents from his stomach into the toilet bowl.


"Konnichi wa', Ken-kun.. I have to stay after school again.. No, just have to finish up a project.. No that's ok, my teacher offered to drive me home.. Ok see you in an hour." Omi sniffed as he hung up his cell phone. Project indeed. The young blonde never thought he could dislike someone so much as he did Mizaki-sensei and Crawford-san.

Omi slipped the small phone back into his pocket as he made his way down to Mizaki's classroom.

"What took you so long?"

"I had to call into work to tell them I'd be late." Omi hissed as he glared at the older man.

Mizaki backhanded Omi for the tone of his response then slung an arm around the boy's slim shoulders as he lead him out of the classroom and toward the parking lot.

"Be nice, young one, I'm about to have some fun with you." He purred dangerously into the blonde's ear.

Chapter 7

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