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Chapter 7

"That's it, bitch, take it! Uhn. Take it all, bitch. Oh you like that don't you. Ah. Uhn, so tight. I love fucking you."

Omi cried as his teacher pounded into him from behind. His body was screaming in agony as the car rocked violently with each of the man's brutal thrust.

"Stop, please, just leave me alone." The small blonde choked out.

"I don't think so. You're too good, and I'm not finished yet. So you will take every damn thing I'm giving you, brat." The man sneered as he pulled out almost completely and slammed himself back in harshly, "Cry for me, Omi. I want to hear your tortured screams of pain."

Omi bit down on his bottom lip to keep from screaming. The last thing he wanted to do was give that bastard anything more to humiliate him with. The blue-eyed boy whimpered quietly as Mizaki's blunt fingernails dug into the soft flesh of his thin hips. More bruises to the smooth pale skin.

"Please, please stop. This isn't right." The blonde cried.

"But you're just so fun to ride, my blue-eyed angel." The older of the two panted as he slammed in again.

Omi shut his eyes tight and bit down harder on his lip, hard enough to break the skin, so he wouldn't scream.

"You're my teacher! This is illegal, you could lose your job!" He protested weakly.

Mizaki pulled himself from his student violently, still not sated, and roughly flipped the lithe teen onto his back and yanked his legs apart.

"That doesn't matter to me. -You- are nothing but a low life whore. No one is going to find out about this, so -I- have nothing to worry about. Besides I'm sure even the -principal- would love to get his hands on you." He hissed as he reinserted himself into the small body beneath just as roughly as before, "Now either scream for me or shut up, it's your choice."

A few more brutal thrusts and Mizaki was done, but very disappointed. Omi never did scream for him.

"Get you're clothes on so I can drive you home." He ordered.

Omi slowly sat up wincing and cringing as he pulled his boxers and shorts on.

Once the boy was dressed Mizaki tossed a roll of bills at him and took his seat behind the steering wheel and started up the engine.


Ken stood outside the flower shop sweeping up some of the petals that had carelessly fallen from their perch on the flowers to the cold hard cement. He whistled a tune to himself as he inconspicuously waited for the object of his wet dreams to return home.

He looked up as a tan and brown Volvo pulled up and Omi quickly scurried out of it and snatched up his bag. He turned around and politely said his goodbyes to the man as not to appear out of character to anyone who knew him.

"Hello, Omi. How'd the project go?"

Omi cringed slightly before putting on his fake smile and turning back to his closest friend.

"Great, Ken-kun, it went fine. I managed to get a lot done. Let me put my books away and I'll come help you with the work." Ken nodded as Omi quickly entered the shop.

Omi headed for the back room and scampered up the stairs quickly. He tossed his bag precariously into his room, snatched up a change of clean clothes and scurried down the hall to the bathroom.

The small blonde took a five minute shower, scrubbing himself almost to the point of bleeding. He got himself dried up and dressed in a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt then ran down the stairs quickly and into the shop.

"Hey, Omittchi, what's up?"

"Huh? Oh Konnichi wa Youji-kun. I'm just going to help Ken-kun sweep up the front." The aforementioned boy stated as he threw on one of the mustard-colored aprons.

Youji blinked then chuckled, "He's been out there sweeping all afternoon, anymore and he'll ware away the sidewalk. I don't think it needs to be swept anymore today." He replied as he ruffled the boy's silky blonde locks. "Though we did get a lot of orders in today. I'm sure Aya would appreciate some help with them. Why don't you go help him with that and I'll get Ken in here to take over for me. Now that you're here my shift is over."

"Oh, ok Youji-kun, thank you."

"No problem, now get back there and help the ice queen out."

Omi frowned, "That wasn't very nice Youji-kun."

"Well neither was he when he showered me with the garden hose earlier. Now go get to work."

Omi nodded as he walked to the back where they did flower arrangements.

Youji sighed and shook his head. His old detective skills kicking in as he noticed something was wrong with their youngest member.

First there was the long sleeves the boy had been wearing. Now that might not seem out of the ordinary to most, but anyone who knew Omi, knew that the boy preferred t-shirts over anything.

Second was the boy's skin had lost a good amount of it's color. Sure Omi was never really tan, but he was never really considered pale. But now the boy was as white as a petal of the white roses they sold in the shop.

-Then-, most importantly was the slight discoloration of that blotch of skin under the boy's left eye, the small cut on his bottom lip, and the slight limp in the boy's step. That blotch looked like the beginning of a nasty bruise and he wasn't quite sure what to make of the limp.

Maybe someone was picking on the kid at school, if that was the case Youji knew the boy was more than capable of taking care of himself.


"Konnichi wa, Aya-kun. Where do you want me to start?" Omi asked as he saw the crimson haired young man working at the arrangement table on one of the orders.

Aya looked up from his work, "Hn. Doesn't matter. There's the order list over there. Pick one and get started."

Omi nodded and went over to the sheaf of paper that lay half-hazardously on the edge of the table. The blonde fidgeted slightly as he felt the violet- eyed man's intense gaze scrutinizing him.

"Where'd you get the bruise?" The blunt and ever observant Aya inquired from out of the blue.

Omi jumped at the unexpected question, "Uh. Bruise?" He blinked slightly confused. 'What bruise was Aya talking about, he didn't know of any bruise. oh crapity crap crap!' he cursed as he remembered when Mizaki backhanded him in the classroom.

Aya stood up slowly and walked over to the boy.

Omi started to back away but Aya held him firmly by the wrist. He lifted his free hand to gently cup the boy's soft cheek and ran his thumb across the forming bruise under the blue-eyed boy's left eye.

Aya frowned, "What happened?"

Omi blinked. 'What happened? How do I get out of this? C'mon think.'

"You have a bruise forming." Aya explained.

"Oh." 'Think fast, think fast.' Omi mentally panicked. "That must have been from when my got stuck and I pulled too hard. The thing whacked me in the face pretty hard, but I didn't think it would leave a bruise." He explained in a thoughtful tone. Almost as if he were actually remembering it happening in order to convince the fiery red-head.

"What about your lip?"

"I must have bitten it when the locker door hit me." He added quickly.

"Hn." Was his only response.

The rest of the afternoon went rather uneventful. Aya retrieved an ice pack for the young teen and the two worked on the flower arrangements in silence.


Later that night Omi did more research on their target. He didn't find too much, but he did find some things they could use. It seemed the man chose his victims at random, striking a different town or city each month, taking one boy each time.

What seemed different was that each victim was killed exactly a month after the others. They were abducted the first of the month and raped/murdered on the thirteenth.

Well it was now January twentieth so he had a bit time to find the guy or at least more information on the target.


Two pairs of eyes peered down into the missions room from the top of the staircase, one being olive green the other a glowing amethyst. Seeing the light from the computer they knew the youngest member was still hard at work.

"So I see our affections lie in the same place?" The owner of the olive green eyes asked uncertainly.

Amethyst eyes snapped up a bit startled.

"You have feelings for Omi, don't you?" He asked solemnly.

"Hn. What do you mean 'our affections lie in the same place'? I thought you two were just really close friends?"

The younger of the two nervously brushed chocolate-colored locks from his deep green eyes as a light pink hue spread across his lightly tanned cheeks.

"Well I -wish- we were more, but I don't know how he would take such a proposal."

"Why don't you just tell him?"

"Why don't you?"

"Good point."

"So. Aya, how long have you had feelings for him?"

"Almost as long as I've had feelings for you." The red-head replied flatly.

Ken, startled out of his thoughts at such a blatant discovery, found his face burning with an intense blush, "Y-you l-like me?" He squeaked.


"Well, since we just seem to be admitting everything today I might as well confess. Omi's not the only one I hold feelings for, Aya."

"You mean.?"

"Yeah. the feelings mutual."


Chapter 8

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