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Chapter 4

"He's late again." Ken stated as he paced back and forth in front of the door of the flower shop.

"Maybe he had a club meeting?" Youji offered as he lounged back lazily on one of the lawn chairs he pulled from the shop.

Ken shook his head in disagreement. "He would have called, besides he's -not- in any after school activities. With his night job he doesn't feel that he has enough time for such things." He protested, "Bedsides, even if he -were- in an after school club, it's six o'clock. All clubs end at four."

"Wow, what do you do, get a list of schedules for everything in the kid's life?" Youji teased with a smirk.


Well what a predicament he got himself into now, not that he had a choice to begin with. Damn Mizaki-sensei and Crawford-san! After he was raped. bought, Omi went right to Ouka's grave and cried. He had the money Mizaki threw at him, but now how was he supposed to get that money to Crawford?


"I'm gonna go look for him."

"Give him a few more minutes, Ken ken. I'm sure he's on his way home now." Youji protested.

"Don't call me that, besides it's a little late and it's getting cold out there. He should have been home hours ago, so I'm not giving him anymore time." With that Ken grabbed his helmet and left the shop.

"And there goes Ken ken the mother hen." Youji snickered as Ran walked into the shop.


Ken had been riding around for what must have been the better part of an hour looking for Omi. When he passed by the cemetery where Ouka was buried he stopped. Maybe, just maybe he was there visiting the girl's grave. He thought with some hope shining in his olive green eyes.

Parking his motorcycle, Ken proceeded to the headstone that marked Ouka's grave. When he got to the stone he found Omi curled up, completely out cold. He looked so adorable, though also quite pale. Ken hesitated, he'd hate to wake the boy, but Omi needed to be awake in order to ride on Ken's bike.

"Omi?" He shook the boy's thin shoulder gently, "Come on Omi, you got to get up." He frowned when Omi whimpered and curled up into a tighter ball. "Omi, come on we got to get going."

After a few minutes he was actually able to rouse the sleeping teen.

"N-nani? Ken-kun? What're you doing here?" Omi looked around confused as he stifled a yawn, "Did I fall asleep in the cemetery?" Ken tried to stifle a chuckle; Omi just looked so much like a miffed kitten.

"I believe you did."

Omi shuddered, "Creepy." At that ken actually did laugh. The boy was just too cute at times.

"Well if you don't feel like sleeping out here all night, which I suggest you don't it's getting kind of cold out here," As if to emphasize his point he rubbed his jacket encased arms, "Then I suggest you come with me so we can get back to the koneko."

Omi smiled wanly; at least Ken tried to cheer him up.

"So, spill, what's wrong?"

"Oro?" Omi looked up a bit startled. "Nothing's wrong Ken-kun."

"If you say so, you never called today. I got worried, have you been here since school let out?"

Omi looked away, "Sorry for not calling I forgot my cell phone and I didn't have any change for the pay phone at school. Actually the reason I wasn't home is because I had to finish my detention from yesterday. When I called yesterday the phone call caused me to be late so my teacher assigned me another detention for being late to that one." Omi explained. "After my detention I just kind of wondered over here without realizing it."

"Oh. I'm sorry I made you late to your detention yesterday, if I had of known you were gonna be late I wouldn't have kept you on so long." Ken apologized.

"Don't worry about it Ken-kun." The younger of the two reassured, "Come on, it's getting cold and I'm tired." He shivered as a cool wind blew past him.

Ken noticed to shiver and pulled the sweater from around his waist. "Here you go. That sweater you're wearing won't be enough for the windy ride ahead of us, you should already know that. Now if we stay out here any longer I fear you'll catch your death of cold, so in the shortest words possible, let's go." Ken finished with a soft smile as he helped the tiny blonde to his feet.


Once back at the koneko Ken helped Omi up the steps. The boy looked like he was about to keel over.

The two boys got about half way up the steps when Youji walked in with Manx.

Omi cursed mentally for the millionth time in the story and Ken released a peeved sigh.


"Men of Weiss, there have been many reports of missing persons between ages of sixteen and eighteen all have been male. All persons said to have gone missing have appeared in various places dead. Autopsies have shown that these boys were raped and strangled. It appears to be a one man operation; that is all we have to go on so far. Hunters of the night, deny this evil beast his tomorrows." And the video flicked off.

Manx and Berman turned to the boys, the inevitable question already in their eyes. All four nodded there agreement to take this mission. Manx's eyes landed on Omi.

"You are in that age range, Bombay; I want you to be especially careful." The red headed woman stated.

"I-I'll be fine, Manx-san."

"Are you sure you want to take this assignment? You don't look so good."

"I'll be fine. Besides, there wasn't a whole lot of information given. I'm the best with the computer so I'll need to research everything to see what I can find." The small blonde explained.

Manx and Berman nodded their agreement as they handed each member of Weiss a thin manila folder with the only bout of information they could provide.


Once Manx and Berman let the four males immediately got to work. There wasn't a whole lot of information in the folders, but there were pictures of the victims and the state in which their bodies were found.

There were about eight victims, all about seventeen. They each had one slender cord, which looked very much like a thin cable wire, wrapped around their throat. This cord was long enough to also tie their wrists behind there back and ties there ankles apart, effectively spreading their legs wide apart.

With the cord tied the way it was, with every jerk and movement it would slowly strangle the victim.

"Ouch, that looks painful." Ken hissed.

"Any luck finding information there on the computer, chibi?"

"Iie Youji-kun, Gomen nasai. Maybe we should check out the sites and see what we can find." He offered, "We might be able to find a clue the police detectives didn't pick up on."

"Great idea, Omi. Well let's go." Ken agreed.

Chapter 5

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