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Chapter 5

It was a few hours later that the four young assassins went out to look for any clues that may have been missed. Now they were trekking back to the Koneko.

"So what more do you think the victims could have in common?" The former soccer player asked.

"Well I looked up each of their background information and it turns out -all- of them were seventeen. So technically our target isn't going after a certain age group, more like a certain -age- to be specific." Omi explained, "Also the victims were males who had a more feminine appearance. All 'seductively' good looking, if you will."

"So I guess we don't have to worry about you then, do we chibi." Youji teased.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Ken looked a little confused.

"True Omi is seventeen -and- gives off a feminine appearance, -but- he said this guy's targets were all 'seductively' good looking."

Ran looked intrigued by Youji's explanation, Ken looked confused and Omi looked a bit miffed and insulted.

"Care to explain, Youji?"

"Well, Ken, Since you seem to be a bit slow today, I'll explain. Our target is scooping teenage boys up that 'seductive' in appearance. Take a -good- look at our little Omittchi. He looks like he's thirteen." Omi glared at Youji with vehemence, "He's too cute, adorable and innocent to be 'seductive'. See even his glares are the cutest thing in all of Japan." Omi just 'humphed' crossing his arms over his chest and pouted. "See?! No one could take him against his will, he's just too cute. How could you hurt someone with a face like that?"

Omi sped up. He didn't want to start crying in front of them. He just barely kept himself from screaming repeatedly that that very fact was untrue, that Youji was wrong. That earlier that day plus the day before he had been raped by his own friggin' teacher for a measly one-hundred dollars.

While sulking and brooding Omi didn't see the person whom stepped out in front of him. He walked right into a man much taller than himself. He began apologizing hastily until he noticed whom it was that he ran into.

Omi backed away trembling as the object of all his misery stood in front of him. Bradley Crawford, leader of Schwarz.


Noticing Omi walk further ahead, Youji decided to go catch up with him in order to tease the little bishounen some more.

Ken saw this and decided to help defend is younger friend as he sped us as well.

Ran, being Ran, decided to let them have their fun. So he walked further behind glaring at anything and everything in site. He being Ran, of course, unintentionally sent a poor little stray cat skittering back into the alley from whence it came, leaving its dinner, in fear of Ran's wrathful 'shine-glare'.


"Well hello, Omi. Any customers today?" Crawford asked with a knowing smirk.

Omi shuddered as he reached into his pocket retrieving the role of bills from his pocket. He had a feeling he would be seeing the pre-cog soon, he just wasn't expecting it to be this soon.

Crawford plucked the money from the boy's delicate hand and shuffled through it.

"Good this is very good. Now come on my little pet." The older man slung an arm around Omi's shoulders and started to lead him away.

Omi moved to jump away, but was caught around the waist by both of Crawford's arms. He struggled to free himself, but to no avail as the older, stronger male began to drag him.

The was the first thing Youji and Ken saw as they came to the scene.

"Omi!" Ken was about to run after them when Crawford dropped Omi on his bottom and spun around to face them as he pointed a gun at the small blonde.

"I suggest you stay where you are." Crawford demanded coldly as he glared at Ken, Youji tugged a little in Ken's jacket as he spoke into his communicator informing Aya that pre-cog was there.

Crawford turned just as Omi pushed past him. Seeing that his little treasure was about to escape, Crawford snagged the hood of Omi's jacket and yanked the blonde back harshly.

Omi landed against Crawford's body with a choked gasp.

"And where do you think you're going, bishounen?" Crawford sneered.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Schwarz?! Let Omi go!" Ran growled as he appeared next to Youji and Ken.

"Hm, it seems it is not time for me to have you just yet, koneko. I shall come for you soon though." With that said, the pre-cog crushed his lips to Omi's and shoved him non-too-gently to the ground.

"Later Weiss." He hissed as he took off at a speed none of them could counter.

"Omi, you ok?" The ex-soccer player was at Omi's side the second Crawford was gone.

"H-hai, Ken-kun, I'll be fine."

"How will you ever be 'fine'. The guy -kissed- you!" Youji teased.

"Shut up, Youji." Ran glared at the older man.

"Well come on, let's be getting home. I'm sure Omi's tired -and- he's got school tomorrow."

Omi paled at the mention of school, Damn Mizaki for making school even more dreadful than it already was.


Chapter 6

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