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Chapter 3

'Knock, knock'

"Oiy, Omi, you gonna be in there all night?"

Omi jumped at the unexpected voice that traveled through the bathroom door. Flipping off the water and taking a quick glance around the bathroom, Omi made sure there was no blood and the blade was exactly the way he had found it. Grabbing two towels, he wrapped one around his lithe waist and the other around his shoulders. They were really big, fluffy towels that had the ability to wrap around his small frame two and a half times, so he didn't have to worry about exposing anything he didn't want seen.

"Gomen nasai, Aya-kun, I'll be out in a minute." He wiped down shower walls and cleaned up his clothing. Before he went to the door, Omi snagged a clean rag from the cabinet and wrapped it around abused wrist. Taking another quick glance around the bathroom and noticing it was pretty much so spotless, the small blonde slowly and cautiously slipped out of the bathroom holding tight to his cloak-like towel.

"Gomen nasai, Aya-kun, I didn't mean to take so long."

Aya looked Omi over, noting Ken was right; the boy did look a lot paler than normal. Maybe he -was- sick.

"Omi, are you feeling ok? You look kind of pale."

Omi flinched, "W-well there's supposedly this virus going around school, and it's possible that I may have gotten it." The small boy offered.

Aya just nodded as if agreeing, but still contemplating the excuse, "Omi you're trembling, why don't you go get dressed before your health gets any worse."

Omi sighed in relief as he made his way back to his bedroom.

Once in his room, Omi collapsed to the floor clutching the towel to his body. He still couldn't seem to shake the dirty feeling.

After getting dressed in his night clothes, Omi picked up the books that he so hurriedly threw in his room earlier when he ran to the bathroom. In all the fuss he went threw he forgot he had homework, and if he didn't want the others to suspect anything than he couldn't do anything to arouse suspicion. And not doing his homework would definitely clue the others in that there was something wrong. Besides that, Omi was hoping that doing the things he did on a normal basis would help him forget about the day's earlier events.


The next day Omi went to school reluctantly. He didn't want to go, but he did not let the others see his dismay about attending. That would arouse suspicion.

Everything went fine except when he approached Mizaki-sensei's class. It just happened to be his afternoon class today. He tried to look on the bright side, telling himself that the day was almost over, that after this class he could go home.

Damn it, why did he have to be the first one to arrive in the classroom?! Omi cursed himself. He risked a glance at his teacher and wished he didn't. His skin turned whiter than he ever thought possible as Mizaki undressed him with his eyes while licking his lips hungrily.

Omi quickly went to his seat and flipped through one of his computer science books in hopes that Mizaki wouldn't bother him if he thought him to be busy. This also served so that he wouldn't have to look at the man and the man couldn't see him too well.

Apparently Mizaki did not feel like being ignored. He hopped off his perch, also known as his desk in which he had been sitting on, and walked over to Omi's which was conveniently in the back of the class.

"You were good yesterday, Omi." The man purred as he knelt down and trailed his hand up Omi's right leg to his groin and kissed the small blonde's neck, "Real good." Omi shuddered, wishing desperately that Mizaki would get away from him. The blue-eyed boy tried to scoot out of the chair, but to no avail. "Tsk tsk, my little toy. I think I'd rather have another go after class with you. Wouldn't you like that, whore?" He licked Omi's neck as he massaged his groin.

Omi started to tremble; there was nothing he could do to stop his teacher from molesting him. "N-no, why won't you leave me alone?" He tried to sound intimidating, but the position they were in clearly stated who was in charge, that and the fact that his demand came out more like a pathetic whimper.

"It doesn't matter what you want, angel, I have money so therefore I can pay for your services. I -will- be playing with you after class my pet, you got that?" He hissed in a whisper, to put emphasis on his words he squeezed Omi's member hard earning a pained whimper. Mizaki smirked and went back to his desk; he really did enjoy inflicting pain on golden-haired angel.

A minute later the bell rang and the room filled up with the rest of his classmates.

As much as Omi did not want to be in that man's presence, he was dreading the final bell even more than sitting in his seat listening to that bastard's lecture on Japan's judicial system. At least his teacher couldn't touch him during class, too many witnesses.

Glancing at the clock, Omi cursed yet again. The bell was about to ring, which meant his classmates would leave him to a fate they knew nothing of.

The final bell rang, sounding Omi's doom; the class hopped up from their seats and made a bee-line for the door, Omi right along with them. He hoped to get out before that bastard of a teacher noticed he was missing, but apparently lady luck had something against the poor boy.

"Hold it, Tsukiyono-san; you have another detention to fill for being late to yesterday's detention. Or did you forget?" Well technically it wasn't a lie, he did tell Omi that if he was late to the detention that he would have to serve another one the next day, and he announced that in front of the entire class so of course the class didn't think anything of it.

The petite blonde stepped back into the class hesitantly, as he cursed himself yet again.

"H-hai, sensei." He bowled his head shamefully giving the closing door one last wistful glance.

Mizaki started fiddling with his belt impatiently and undid his tie, "Ditch the clothes, Tsukiyono, and get down on your knees." He growled, voice dripping with lust.

Omi did as he was told hesitantly. He feared what would happen if he didn't listen.

Mizaki, now completely bare, made his way over to the equally naked and kneeling boy. He stroked the young blonde's backside then pushed a dry finger into the boy's tight entrance.

Omi's mind was screaming with pain as he bit his lip to keep himself from doing so. All his senses were demanding that he run away from the man, but his body wouldn't comply; it was just too weak with the pain being inflicted.

Mizaki wrapped his free arm around Omi's slim waist to hold him in place as he added two more fingers to join the first one at the same time to make the stretching process a lot more painful.

"I-it h-hurts, p-please stop, y-you're hurting m-me!" Omi hissed and whimpered weakly.

Mizaki wiggled his fingers around, effectively scratching the boy inside allowing blood to flow to be used as lubricant. He removed his three fingers and drove his achingly hard member into the lithe figure beneath him.

"You're so beautiful Omi, and so impeccably tight. I love fucking you."

Omi whimpered in pain as the man pounded harder and deeper into him.

"P-please.. You're hurting me! Stop. please s-stop!"

Omi's weakened and painful begging was turning him on even more as he sped up his pace. Making him beat into the boy harder, faster, and deeper.

When the man was finished he slowly pulled out of the boy, savoring the feeling of the tight muscles around his sensitive organ. He stood up panting as he cleaned the blood and semen from his body with a small cloth before getting dressed and throwing the cloth at Omi to do the same.

Omi, on the other hand, barely even had the strength to twitch let alone sit up enough to clean himself off.

Mizaki snickered at the boy's misfortune.

"Truly pathetic," He plucked up the cloth from where it landed and roughly cleaned the blood and semen from the petite blonde's body. When he was done he pulled a roll of bills from his pocket and threw it to Omi, who was now ever so slowly trying to pull his clothes on. "There's one-hundred dollars there, now Crawford can't say I didn't pay." He stated coldly as he left the classroom.

Omi cried silently as he pulled his t-shirt and sweater on then got to his knees for the second time that day and cleaned the small pool of blood and semen from the floor.

Chapter 4

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