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Chapter 2

Mizaki ripped himself from Omi's trembling body earning him another cry of pain.

"That is none of your business, who the hell are you anyway?"

"Shouldn't -I- be the one asking the questions here? After all -you- are the one raping my new whore."

Omi stared in a mix of shock and horror at the familiar figure of Schwarz's leader, Bradley Crawford, standing in front of the rapidly closing classroom door.

'N-new W-whore?!' Omi cursed himself again, now even his -mind- was stuttering.

"New Whore? What are you talking about?" Mizaki was getting a little frustrated; he had an achingly painful hard on and really wanted to finish what he was doing with the beautiful little blonde.

"I'm basically telling you, idiot, that the boy under you now works for me. So if you want to fuck him then you must pay the fee, no more freebies."

"So now you're his pimp?"

"You catch on quick." The precog stated sarcastically as he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"That's actually a good idea; I wonder why I didn't think of it first."

"Because you're a brainless idiot."


"Where's Omi? He was supposed to be home forty-five minutes ago."

"Hey Ken, didn't the chibi say he had a detention or something?"

"Yeah but that ended an hour ago and it only takes him fifteen minutes to get here from the school so what could possibly be keeping him?"

Youji shrugged, how should he know where the chibi was? In his mind Omi was a kid after all, he probably stopped by a friend's house on the way home and didn't realize the time.


"Get your books together brat." Crawford sneered.

"What are you going to do with him now?" Mizaki inquired as he zipped up his pants.

Crawford tossed Omi his clothes and turned to Mizaki who was still looking at Omi hungrily. "Well we can't let his little friends get too suspicious so I'm going to let him go tonight. Just remember, Mizaki, this time was free, but if you want to take him again you're going to have to pay."

"Yes, yes I understand." Mizaki waved the guy off nonchalantly.

"Oh and remember, Tsukiyono, not a word to anyone about this. You tell anyone and I'll personally tie you and you're buddies down and fuck you hard right in front of them. Plus we can always go after Aya-chan, I know how much she means to Ran, and hurting Ran will also hurt you won't it, Omi?" It was more a statement than an actual question, but the message got through.

Omi nodded, he wouldn't want to tell them what happened anyway. He felt disgusted with himself and knew they'd most likely feel the same way. He just felt so dirty, and that was the least of it. His whole body ached in places he didn't even know he had, how was he going to get past Mother hen ken or Ran who could point out anything even remotely out of the ordinary? The worst part of this entire scenario was that now he was Crawford, Weiss's enemy's, little hooker. The poor boy just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.


"You're late, Omi, what happened?"

"N-nothing, Ken-kun, I'm fine really." Without even looking over to Ken, Omi bolted to the bathroom leaving smoke trails behind him.

Omi made it to the bathroom in record time, his heart was pounding and he had a steady trail of tears streaming down his pale face. He flipped the shower on as hot as it could possibly go and undressed. His body hurt so badly and the sprint up the stairs to the bathroom didn't help at all. He both saw and felt the blood trailing down his legs and stepped into the shower, a hiss leaving his lips from the hot water. There seemed to be only one coherent thought running through his mind like a mantra 'I just want to die.'

The small blonde sat under the steady spray of scorching hot water crying silently. He felt so dirty and just wanted it all to end. He didn't know how to handle this kind of grief. He was so angry with himself; no not even anger was strong enough to describe his feelings. He hated himself for being so weak; he was an assassin for crying out loud. He should be able to take something like this, but for some reason he just didn't have the strength to let himself forget about it. That and his mind was just starting to register that this would not be the last time either.

He plucked up the rag that he didn't even realize he threw in the shower and lathered it up with soap. He flipped the water dial to the coldest point and scrubbed his body vigorously, any harder and the rag would have been drawling blood. He then stood directly under the freezing water allowing the small pellets of ice, or so it felt like, beat down on his frail body.

In his extremely depressed state, the small blonde left the shower and moved toward the medicine cabinet. Opening the cabinet, Omi found exactly what he was looking for. He quickly plucked the blade from the shelf and made his way back to the freezing water.

Sitting himself down under the spray, he fiddled with the blade warily. Coming to a conclusion, the youngest of Weiss placed the blade above his wrist.

"I want to die; I just want it all to end." He whispered to himself as he pressed the blade to the pale skin of his wrist and proceeded to drag it down the length of his arm. He chanted this to himself quietly as he watched the thin line of red liquid join the water from the shower head and run towards the drain.


"I'm kind of worried about Omi." Ken, Ran, and Youji were seated around the kitchen table of the flower shop sipping coffee or tea depending on there tastes of warm caffeinated liquid.

"Why what's wrong with him?" Youji answered to Ken's statement.

"I don't know, maybe nothing."

"Then why are you worried?"

"Well, when he got home today, he didn't seem like his normal genki self. He bolted straight for the bathroom. Do you think he might be sick? He did look paler than normal."

Youji shrugged, "Maybe, where is he now?"

"Still in the bathroom."

"He's -still- in the bathroom?"

"Hai, I'm gonna go check on him."

All throughout their conversation Ran said not a word, choosing to listen silently, though he too was worried about their youngest member.

"Iie, I'll check on him." Ran stood and without another word left the kitchen in the direction if the bathroom. Ken and Youji just sat there open mouthed. They were a bit dumbfounded; out of all people they definitely did not expect this from their red-headed companion.

Chapter 3

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