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Chapter 11

Chapter 11


“What was that? You found the next complex?! Well where is it?” The brunette sped up on his motorcycle in the direction the young telekinetic had told him.


‘God I hope you’re still alive Omi.’




Gozonbro slowly slid the belt from the loops of his pants, dropping noisily onto the floor so the vulnerable blonde could hear it. “It’s time, my beautiful little victim.”


He unfastened his pants, dropping them to his knees and positioned himself between Omi’s wide-spread legs.


The cord squeezing Omi’s throat as his whole body tensed up due to the intrusion cut off the young blonde’s scream of pain. He coughed and sputtered for air as his attacker smoothed his hair away from his face in a mockingly gentle manner.


“Shh it’s ok. You’re pain will all be over soon.” He cooed.


Omi flinched away from the touch and winced as the cord lightly cut into his throat. He tried to calm himself down and relax as much as one could in these circumstances so as not to choke himself further. The cord was uncomfortably tight, but no longer restraining his windpipe.


‘Please find me before its too late… Not like this, I don’t want to die like some dirty whore.’ Hi mind cried as he prayed his teammates would have figured out his whereabouts by now.




Aya unsheathed his katana, Ken flexed his claws, and Youji drew out his wire as the three Schwarz just stared down their former leader.


“Step out of the way, Pre-cog.”


“My client is not finished yet, Abyssinian.”


“What you are doing is wrong, Crawford. Bombay is a minor, and this man isn’t even one of ours.”


The man slid his glasses up, smirking at the young brunette, “Nagi, all this time I thought you hated Bombay. Why the change of heart?”


Schuldig glared at the older man, “I never thought you’d sink so low, Bradley. He’s just a child. You always tell me that we haven’t time or use of our own fun, but yet you turn around and do this? How is this helping us? Why do this?”


“My my, has the guilty one grown a conscience? Doing this will break Bombay, without Bombay Weiss is no threat to us.”


“I thought you said Weiss was never a threat to us. Why the sudden change?” Nagi was confused.


Farfarello toyed with his blade boredly, “Just flick him out of the way.” He stated as he carved another wound into his already mutilated forearm.


Nagi jerked back a bit shocked that Farfarello had voiced an intelligent comment before calling up his powers and forcefully shoving Crawford to the side and holding him still, “Go! I don’t know how long I can hold him!” He cried as he thrust his hands in front of him.


Schuldig, Aya, Ken and Youji ran for the door as Farfarello sauntered up to Crawford, licking the blood from his blade before smirking up at the man, “This is going to be fun…”


Crawford’s eyes went wide as Farfarello stabbed the thin dagger into his right shoulder.


Ken stopped as he heard a loud shocked and pain filled cry from outside.


“Keep moving it was only Crawford. Farfarello is having his fun.” The German shouted before he gasped and went to his knees as his mind was hit furiously with mixed thoughts and feelings. Turmoil, fear, pain, pleading, screaming, pleasure and laughter filled his mind before he threw up his mental shields, “This way!” He gasped as he drug himself up off the floor and threw open a door leading to a staircase.


“He’s in one of the cheaper rooms. Down this way!” The four men raced down to the basement level.


‘Since when do hotels have rooms in the basement?’ Ken thought to himself as he ran down the stairs and through the door.


The four stopped in their tracks and looked around.


“Now what?” The men were now faced with a long corridor with many doors.


Schuldig shushed the blonde playboy and focused his mind, “He was unconscious when he was brought here. He doesn’t know what the room number is.”


They heard a scream from down the hall and they took off in a dead run, “I guess we just follow the screaming.” The German huffed earning him a glare from the other redhead.


They turned to the right as they heard another scream.


“How many rooms does this place have?!” Ken growled as he became even more frustrated.


They each took a door at the very end of the hall and kicked them open. Schuldig being the only one with success. He sent a telepathic message to the others and all four ran into the room apartment like room and noticed a door that was open a crack.


Aya was livid; he could hear his little Omitchi’s pained whimpers and the man’s cruel laughter.


They threw the door open allowing it to bang heavily against the wall, scaring the man that, the moment before, had been pounding mercilessly into the now unconscious assassin.


Omi was lying on the rumpled bed, face turned away from the door, unnaturally pale body tied up the way the pictures from the missions folder showed the other boy’s to be.


Ken, being the hot-head he is, rushed the man, tearing him away from Omi.


The man fought back with more strength than the ex-soccer player had anticipated, though he was still no match for Youji’s wire and Aya’s sharp blade.


As the three finished off the rapist/murderer Schuldig carefully removed the cords from Omi and checked his pulse and breathing.


The blonde’s heart beat was incredibly weak and he wasn’t breathing. A minute or so passed as Schuldig performed rescue breathing and still nothing. It took three minutes before the seventeen year old started coughing; cornflower blue eyes fluttered lazily just barely focusing on his savior before closing again.


 The telepath sighed, the boy was alive, just barely. He wrapped the small boy into the dirty blanket and cradled him as the blonde trembled and struggled with air.


“It’s ok kitten, you’re safe now. It’s all over.” He soothed as he attempted to calm the boy’s tortured mind. He checked the boy’s pulse again, still very weak, and the boy’s breathing was pathetic and wheezy.


Youji was too stunned to move, his mind working over time as he tried to think of something to say.


Aya glared at the cooling corpse and approached Schuldig, “How is he?”


“Omi… Aya we need to get him to a doctor.” Ken whispered.


Aya made a move to take the remove the small burden from the telepath’s arms.


“You just worry about driving the car, red.”


Violet eyes glared coldly but the katana wielding assassin gave in reluctantly.


“Should we take him to the hospital to be treated? Or is that too risky?” Ken asked unsure.


As they stepped outside they were faced with Nagi’s exhausted form slumped on the hard pavement, Farfarello looking vacant as always as he stared down at Crawford’s bloody form.


Crawford twitched as he held his wounded shoulder. He had a few other injuries, but none too serious. He had fought Nagi’s bond until the young boy became exhausted and collapsed. This allowed him to further avoid serious injury from the silver haired mental case.


He had almost gotten through to his former colleague, trying to turn his warped mind when Weiss and that traitor had stepped out.


Schuldig motioned with a jerk of his head for Farfarello to attend to Nagi as he made his way to the car.


“Where do you think you’re going with my treasure?” Crawford snapped.


“You mean you’re whore.” Farfarello corrected nonchalantly as he lifted Nagi up with ease.


Youji and Ken winced, Aya refused to show any sign that he had even heard the maniac’s input.


“Oh yes that’s right. My whore, thank you Farfarello.”


Ken’s body tensed as Aya reached for his Katana.


Before anyone could move Crawford pulled a pistol from his blazer took aim and fired sending Siberian to the ground.

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