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Chapter 5

As the group walked towards the rest of the students, Trunks and Gohan could swear they heard that old morbid melody (You know the one, that one they play at funerals or depressing scenes in movies)

'Oh no, Vegeta better behave himself today!' Thought Gohan with his fist balled up and jaw clenched.

Trunks' line of thought wasn't to far from Gohan's, 'I really hope dad behaves himself, if he blows anybody up, oh no don't even think about that.' Videl took one look at both their faces and decided to ask what was wrong.

"Um Gohan?" Videl asked.

"Yes Videl?"

"What's wrong? You and Trunks look kind of upset or nervous about something." 'That was great Videl, real smooth. Geez way to state the obvious, urgh' Videl thought to herself.

"Oh it's nothing Videl, don't worry about it." Was Gohan's only reply. The group of students stepped over to the stone path leading to the Entrance, as soon as they got where they were supposed to be Gohan was attacked and knocked to the ground by two little blurs.

"GOHAN! EEP, SAVE US!" Yelled the little orange blur, a.k.a Goten.

Gohan ::sweat drop; insert classic Son Grin:: "What is it Goten?" 'Gohan knows this little kid? No that can't be right, why would he know someone here?' Videl thought.

"Dad's gonna pummel us, Gohan! You have to help us, please?" Trunks, the second blur, pleaded. The two little kids gave that damnable little puppy dog look that only little kids and Erasa can pull off.

"What did you two little monsters do this time anyway?" Gohan asked wile scratching the back of his head in amusement.

"Feh, since when do Sayains resort to pleading. Get off your knees brat and act like a true warrior!" At this point Vegeta noticed just who the two 'brats' were clinging onto for dear life, "I should have known you'd be here spawn of Kakarot!" He spat at our poor black-haired demi-sayain.

"Uh. heh heh, hey Vegeta." (Insert Son Grin) Class gawks at Gohan. How did the school nerd know Vegeta Briefs on a first name basis, and how come he didn't look scared?! Was what was going through all there small minds.

::snort:: "Whatever, are you hear to get your butt kicked again?" Vegeta smirked.

The class gawks at Gohan. "Please, Gohan take on someone like you. That would be impossible." Sharpner smirked at his little comment. (And he made it all up on his own, I'm so proud of the little idiot. ::Bonks Sharpner with Frying-Pan-of-DOOM:: )

At the last comment Vegeta looked angry, "How dare you let some weak human trash your Sayin heritage, spawn of Kakarot?!" He growled while glaring at Sharpner, "I don't care if you are my foe's son, you do not deserve to be treated like that from someone lower than you, Gohan!" He was about to power up a ki blast before Gohan stopped him.

"Hey Vegeta, it's ok really. I don't really want him, or any of them for that matter, knowing about who I really am right now anyway." Gohan whispered to Vegeta. Vegeta shook his head in understanding and put his arm down. (1)

"Ok brat, I'll do as you wish just this once, but if he insults your pride one more time I will take you down to get to him." Vegeta growled lowly so only Gohan could hear.

"Ok Vegeta, as you wish." Gohan thanked him in Sayin (the language) and saluted Vegeta respectfully. (2)

'What's going on? I don't recognize that language, I wonder what it is.' Though Videl ever so suspiciously. (What's Videl without her suspicion, am I right?) 'They look really serious, I wonder what they're talking about.'

'Hm. This is definitely an interesting time.' Thought Liona, 'Vegie-chan was so easy going in this time. I'm glad Mirai gets to be with his father in this time.' She thought as she looked over to the blue-haired boy. "Eep!" Liona let out a small sound of surprise.

"Gohan/big brother?" Goten and Chibi Trunks asked while tugging on Liona's small hands.

"Yeah?" He said looking over to the two miscreants.

"Who's this?" Goten asked as he tugged just a little to hard on her hand.

Gohan saw the slight look of pain on the younger girl's face, "Goten, be careful, you might hurt her." Gohan reprimanded his little brother.

"Her ki feels funny, Gohan." Chibi Trunks stated. The class just gawked, what is this little kid talking about? Was going through their minds as they stepped away from this girl, thinking the kid was talking about some kind of illness.

'Now that I think about it, her ki does feel different. Why didn't I notice this before?' Gohan thought.

"Hmm. What is your name?" Vegeta asked her.

"Liona Setsuna, your grace." The girl responded respectfully in sayin. She would have bowed, but the Chibi's lock on her arm held her from doing so. (3)

"Gohan, may I speak with you for a minute?" Vegeta more or less demanded as a thought struck him.

Authoress's notes:

1. I'm sorry if Vegeta seems a little OOC, but this is *my* fic after all. Maybe I should explain something here. Ok Vegeta and Gohan have an almost father-son bonding here, it started after Goku's death. Don't get me wrong, Vegeta is not taking Goku's place. Just look at it like Vegeta has the same standing as Piccolo. Kinda like a second father.

2. I like the idea of the sayains respecting their Prince. After all they are a dieing race and Vegeta *is* still the Prince. Because he is not evil anymore I think Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Mirai Trunks should respect him and note that he is their Prince. Also all the sayains know their native language.

3. Liona knows about Vegeta, she also knows Sayin (could someone please tell me how to spell this, please?)

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