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Chapter 6

Gohan gave Liona one last look and followed Vegeta.

"Um. What just happened?" Erasa asked, a little bewildered.

"I'm not entirely sure, but I'm gonna find out." Was Videl's determined response before she took off in the direction she saw Gohan and that weird man go to. 'I don't know what you're hiding, Son Gohan, but I swear I WILL FIGURE YOU OUT!' She thought to herself.

~Back to Vegeta and Gohan~

"What do you need, Vegeta?" Gohan asked.

"Where did you meet this girl?"

"Well I was hanging out with Videl, Sharpner, and Erasa a few nights ago and these goons were picking on her. We helped her out and since then we've been hanging out with her. She's new to the school so she doesn't really know anyone." Vegeta gave Gohan a quizzical look.

"Has she told you anything about where she's from?"

"No. But the other day, when we found out we were coming here, she did seem to know that I wasn't too happy about it. Almost like she could read my thoughts." Gohan reminisced.

"Hmmm.. That's different, has she done anything else?"

"Not that I can think of."

"How does she know Saiyan? It's obvious she's not of our race, and she's not an Earthling I can assure you of that."

"She's not from Earth?" Asked a confused Gohan, "Good question though, I'm not sure how she knows Saiyan."

"Well maybe you should ask her then."

"Why me?"

"Because she seems to trust you, brat." (Just b/c he's sometimes a little OOC doesn't mean I'm completely changing his personality. "DAMN STRAIGHT, WOMAN!" Oh shut up you big oaf! ::bops Vegie-chan with frying-pan:: ^ . ^ "V" now back to my story.)

"Well she also seems to get along with Trunks, can't he ask her?"


"Why not?" ::pouts::

"Because I told you to ask. And no pouting, you're a Saiyan." Vegeta reprimanded.

~Back to Videl~

'Um.. Ok what the hell was that about?' Videl thought to herself, now completely confused, 'That boy has a lot of explaining to do. And what the hell is a Saiyan, and what do they mean Liona's not from Earth. Everyone knows aliens don't exist.. Right?' When she noticed that they were coming her way she dashed back to the rest of the class.

~Back with the class~

"Um.. Ok, where did Videl go to?" Sharpner asked.

"She wanted to figure out what's going on." Erasa said impatiently, "Why did Gohan leave? Where is that boy?"

"Hey, what's going on?" asked Videl as she appeared next to Erasa.

"He went to talk with my father." Stated Trunks as he approached with the now free Liona. However the two Chibi trailed behind, to keep an eye on the 'strange girl', "Here they come now." He pointed to Gohan and Vegeta as they descended toward the group of students.

"Hey guys, did I miss anything?" Asked Gohan as he went over to stand between Trunks and Liona. Videl just fastened Gohan with another of her glares.

"So Liona, what's up? You haven't said much since we got here?" Asked Videl, beating Gohan to the chance of interrogating the girl.

"Huh? Oh nothing, I was just thinking." 'I should probably reveal myself to Gohan, Trunks, and Prince Vegeta now.' She thought to herself.

"I've got a question?" Gohan asked, Liona looked up at him wordlessly telling him to go on, "Why did you call Vegeta grace?"

"Um.. Don't you already know, Gohan?"

"And how do you know Saiyan?" He asked in a whisper so no one else heard him, well no one but Trunks.

"You taught me." She stated like he should have already known this, she took one look at his stunned face and realized her mistake, "Oh sorry, technically it wasn't you of this time, but from my time."


"I'm not from this time, I'll have to explain later. Your friends are staring, and I wouldn't want to make Videl upset. I'm also sure you don't want her knowing your secret just yet." She whispered back. Gohan just nodded his head numbly.

"O. k, but you must promise to clear all this up later. I'm sure Trunks and Vegeta would like to know why you're here."

"To tell you the truth, I don't even know why or even how I got here." She stated honestly.

"Now that is deffinitly different." Gohan stated and looked to Trunks, "How much do you wanna bet Vegeta's not gonna like this?"

"Well I know for a fact he's not gonna like this" Trunks stated, "Well we better be getting back to the rest of the group." He pointed the group that was now descending reluctantly towards the building, with Vegeta as their leader (that is why they're so hesitant.)

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