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Chapter 4

'URGH! Dende, what do you want from me?!' Gohan thought to himself rather frustrated.

"Are you ok Gohan? You look a little pale." Videl asked almost worriedly.

"Huh? Y-yeah I-I'm fine, Videl, why do you ask?" Gohan stuttered nervously. Videl eyed Gohan quizzically and rather angrily.

"You're stuttering, Gohan, which usually means something is wrong." Videl observed.

"Um.. eh heh heh gee, Videl, I didn't think you cared."

"What?! *blush* I-I never said I cared, you idiot, just... urgh" Videl finished in a huff, crossing her arms over her chest and turning crimson.

'Finally, woo, I never thought she'd leave me alone. Well that's a first, I'm usually the one to start blushing and stuttering. It sure is nice to be on the other end once in a while.' Gohan thought to himself. "Well that's the bell, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Later." Gohan waved goodbye and left his friends. (Did I forget to mention the class bell rang? Well it did, so now the school day is over.)

~Capsule Corp.~

'I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S DOING THIS TO ME!' "Why on earth would she send me to school, this is so unfair. Man I'm going to feel really out of place." Mirai Trunks complained, not realizing he said that last part aloud.

"T-TRUNKS?! Mirai, is that you?!" Gohan stuttered from his place outside the window. (The windows open, if it wasn't this specific scene would be totally lost. Not that it's not lost already, but... Yeah you know.)

"G-Gohan?! Wow you've really grown, you almost remind me of yourself back in my time." (<= If you didn't understand that, than I can't really help you) M (<= Mirai) Trunks replied happily.

"Speaking of growing, why do you still look the same?" Gohan asked confused.

"Well in my time, it hasn't even been a full year yet. But in your time, I'm going to guess it's been at least 7 years." M Trunks explained.

"Yep, so what was that you were saying about going to school?"

"Well Bulma, or my mom, told me she's enrolling me in some school tomorrow. Your lucky your home schooled, I'm going to feel so out of place there."

"Well I don't know about that, my mom enrolled me in school a few weeks ago. By any chance, would you happen to know what school this is?"

"Yeah, she said it was called Orange Star High School. Or something like that."

"O-Orange Star High?"

"Yeah, you hear of it?"

"Trunks, I go to that school, FINALLY I WONT BE THE ONLY SAYAIN THERE!" With that Gohan fell to the floor in fits of maniacal laughter.

"What's so funny?"

"Huh? Nothing really, I'm just really happy I will actually have someone to understand how hard it is to go through school as a sayain. No one knows about my power so it's really hard to keep it under wraps, but if I had someone there who had the same problem that would make it so much easier." Gohan explained. "

Yeah I guess your right. I didn't really get a chance to think of that."

"Yep, oh hey, did Bulma happen to fill you in on our little trip here next week?"

"Yeah,, actually Vegeta knows about it too. And believe me, he's not happy about it either."

"So there's no possible way of talking her out of it?"

"Nope. If there was, don't you think I would have tried it already? She's too stubborn."

"Oh ok, then I guess I wont waist my time on trying to talk her out of it. Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow, bright and early."

"Yep, bye Gohan." The two waved goodbye and Gohan made off toward his home.

~At the Son Residence~

"MOM I'M HOME!" Gohan sounded throughout the small house.

"Hey honey, dinner's almost ready Gohan. Um, would you be a good boy and go find your brother Goten for me?"

"Sure mom." And Gohan was off to find the little Goku-look-alike.

::5 minutes later::

"Ok, lets go get washed up for dinner now." Gohan told his little brother.

"Ok big brother!" Goten chirped.

::At the dinner table::

"Hey mom?"

"Yes, Gohan?"

"ForschoolwearegoingonaweeklongtripandIjustwantedyoutoknowthatIwontbeherenex tweek." Gohan rushed.

"What was that dear?"

*sigh* "For school were going on a week long trip to Capsule Corp. and I just wanted you to know that it's next week so I won't be here. For the entire week."

After a few debates and meetings with the frying-pan-of-doom Chi Chi finally decided to let Gohan go.

~The Next Day~

"Well class we have a new student. Please meet Trunks Briefs." The teacher introduced the periwinkle-haired sayain to the class, "You may sit anywhere you like."

Trunks made his way up the aisle to the empty seat next to Gohan, "Hey Gohan, so how'd your mother take the news about next week?"

"You two know each other?" Erasa asked all golly (how do you like my word? hehe) eyed.

"Yeah, I've known Trunks since I was 11 years old." Gohan stated. For the rest of the day the starry eyed Erasa kept trying to pinch poor Trunks.

~After School~

"So, how was your first day?" Gohan asked.

"Um, well it was ok, I'm just a little scared of the blonde-haired girl." Trunks stated blushing.

"HAHA! You get use to it after a while."

~The Next Week~ (If you can't tell, I'm trying to speed this up a bit. I don't really like drawling things out, even though I did that w/ the 1st two chapters. So again, I apologize.)

"Everyone ready for the trip?" The teacher asked while taking attendants. (don't you just hate it when they take attendants? Then they know when your cutting class.) The class just grumbled there appreciation. For the most part this was because they were tired; apparently it was too early in the morning.

"Oh come on, it's time to wake up already!" The teacher shouted good-naturedly. After taking attendants and realizing everyone who was suppose to be there was there, the teacher lead all the students to the buses scheduled to take them to Capsule Corp. Nobody noticed the forlorn looks on both our dear demi-sayain's faces.

~At Capsule Corp.~

As the bus arrived at Capsule Corp. the teens became more rowdy, with the exception of Gohan, Trunks, Liona, and Videl.

Chapter 5

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