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Chapter 3

"Um, eh heh heh, hey mom hey dad." The young periwinkle haired boy said nervously. The two parents face faulted.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Bulma asked incredulously.

"I came to warn you all about new crisis coming soon, also everyone in my time is gone, they've all been killed and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind my staying in this time period." Trunks explained.

"Of course you can stay with us Trunks; I mean you are biologically family." The blue-haired genius stated.

"What about you dad? What do you think?" Trunks asked as he turned to his father.

"Feh, do as you wish, I don't care." Vegeta noted (in of course his arrogant manner).

A warm smile lit up Mirai Trunk's face at his father's antics, 'He tries to be so cold and aloof trying to make other's feel like he doesn't care, but I know him better than he thinks.' Trunks thought with a smirk.

"What are you smirking at, boy?!" Vegeta barked.

'That's my dad' Trunks thought as he heaved a sigh.

~ Elsewhere at OSH ~

"Hey Gohan what are your plans for after school today?" Asked Erasa

"Um. I'm not sure yet, I was planning on visiting some old family friends." Gohan answered as the group of five walked into there world economics class. (I don't really know if such a thing exists, but it plays a rather significant role, so bare with me please.)

"And who might these friends be, Gohan?" She asked innocently.

"Uh.. Um, well, uh.. Oh look the teachers here we should probably be paying attention, neh?" He responded nervously.

"Eh hem, thank you Mr. Son for that nice introduction." The teacher said sarcastically looking around from student to student, "Well I see a new face, and who might you be young lady?" The teacher asked.

"My name is Liona Setsuna; I just started here today, sir." Liona responded.

"That's nice; I hope you enjoy our 'happy little family', Miss. Setsuna."

"Thank you sir, I hope so too." Liona looked around the classroom and noted all the people snickering at her politeness and unconsciously scooted closer to Gohan for protection. Gohan noticed this and felt a protective urge toward this small girl, so he decided to follow his brother-like instincts and ended up glaring at those whom snickered at her.

"Ok class, I have an announcement to make." The teacher called, "It seems we are entitled to a field trip considering the lack there-of, and since we are studying businesses and big corporations. The school has entitled us to a full week at Capsule Corp. How does that sound?" The class, of course, started cheering. First because this means they have a week off of their normal school routine. Secondly, because they would meet The Bulma Briefs, daughter of the owner of the company.

'Oh no, oh no, OH NO! How could they do this to me?! It's just not fair, urgh, Bulma is really gonna get it now.' Gohan thought to himself, 'I can't believe she would do this, Dende must have some kind of part in this I swear when I get my hands on those two.' His thoughts were cut off by Liona's small hand on his shoulder. She looked up at him with innocent and yet understanding eyes, as if she knew the conflict that was going on in his mind.

"It'll be ok, just you wait and see. Everything will turn out fine." She said soothingly.

"Huh? But, how did you... ?" He was cut off by Sharpner (the idiot).

"Hey you two, this isn't some therapy session, so quite your yappin." You could hear the jealousy in his voice, for Gohan seemed to be the only one whom could connect with this strange new girl. (yet anyways, hehe)

~ Back at Capsule Corp. ~

"Oh, and honey." Bulma added as she turned around to face Trunks, "Tomorrow I will be enrolling you in Orange Star High School with Gohan. I mean you do look 17, so in my book I think it would be good for you to know about this day and age." She took one look at his stunned face and added, "The day after tomorrow, the school comes here on a field trip for a week so enjoy." With that she left her lab, with one stunned and one outraged sayain on either side of the room. (can you guess which one is the outraged one?................................................................ Come on guess..................... Ok fine it's Vegeta, surprise surprise.)

Chapter 4

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