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Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Weiss, but that should be rather obvious by now.

WARNING: This is yaoi, you dont like reading about two guys together then dont read my stories. There will be a lot- of non-con in this story, but dont fret, all my stories have happy endings.

PAIRINGS: Aya/Omi/Ken (eventually) Shu/Nagi,


Beep! Beep! Beep!


*Yawn* Hey is Omi up yet? His alarm is going off like crazy. Youji complained.

Our mission ran rather late last night, Youji, why dont you go see if hes up?

Man, why dont we just let the chibi sleep in, he could really use the rest. *yawn* Hey wheres Aya?

Probably in the back working on one of the arrangements. Hey, what do you mean let the chibi sleep in?! Hell kill us if we let him miss another day of school.

Cool down, Ken ken. Ill go get him, sheesh, you can act like such a mother hen sometimes, you know that?

What was that?!

Nag nag nag

Ohayou gozaimasu, see you both after school. See ya!... Oh no, Im so late! The youngest member of Weiss tore out of the flower shop just barely snatching his helmet before hopping on his motorcycle and tearing down the road.

*blink blink*

Bye Omi that kid can really run maybe he should sign up for the track team.

Youji urgh. You can be so annoying, just go back to watering your flowers.


Sorry Im late! Omi apologized abruptly as he gasped for air.

Tsukiyono-san, this is your twentieth late in this semester alone, youre hardly ever here and when you are- here youre late. Im afraid I will have to give you a detention, today after school you will meet me in this room, do you understand? And youd better be *on time*. Omi looked to the floor and nodded. Good, now take your seat.


Ken-kun, konnichi wa It was now after school, the final bell had rang. And since Omi had a detention he wasnt expecting he decided to call the flower shop and tell them he would be late getting to work.

Yeah, I just wanted to call and you and let you know that Ill be late getting home today Im fine, I have a detention for being late again *sigh* No I cant get out of this one Its not the same teacher as last time, Ken-kun Ok Ill see you in an hour, bye. Omi leaned against the wall for a minute before gathering his books and trekking to the classroom for his detention.

Youre late.

Gomen nasai, Mizaki-sensei. I had to call into work to let them know Id be late today.

Are you late for everything?

*Blink* The only reason Ill be late for work is because I have this detention. Omi replied innocently, if not a bit stupidly.

Are you back talking me?!

For the second time in that conversation Omi blinked in confusion, Iie, sensei. He shook his head.

Good, very good. Mizaki licked his lips, Youre the easily submissive type arent you? The teacher put his hand on Omis shoulder, making the boy jump.

Huh? What do you mean? Omi was extremely confused. After living in the same residence as Youji for so long he could easily recognize a pick up line, but his innocent and na´ve mind would not let it register. So he let himself believe that he heard the man wrong, he wouldnt allow himself to believe that his teacher would start hitting on him, it was just too creepy.

You know full well what I mean, my pretty little Omi. The man purred in his ear.

Startled, Omi backed away from his teacher and looked to the door. He never noticed his teacher had closed and locked it.

You will submit to me, Omi. You will be mine.

Why are you doing this? What do you want? Omi was beginning to panic. He really wished he had his darts with him, cursing himself for leaving them at home. He didnt think he would have to use them to defend himself at school. Things like this are not usually expected.

Why am I doing this? Do you really want to know? Omi nodded as he backed himself into a damn freakin corner. If only he could reach the window, he was small enough to fit through it.

The other thought currently running though his mind parallel to that of wishing for his throwing darts was the thought or wish that he had actually taken those hand to hand combat classes Kritiker had been offering a while ago. He turned down the class because he liked to keep his distance from his victim, hence the reason why he was the teams archer.

Ok, Omi, Ill tell you *why* Im doing this. Its for your innocence. Mizaki stated rather bluntly if not vaguely. You are so innocent, way too na´ve for a seventeen year old and *I* want to be the one to shatter that innocence. I want to be the one to break the beautiful angel. Ive been watching you, Omi. You sit there in your seat everyday, minding your own business not listening to others conversations, just typing on your laptop. Youre so polite to everyone, never making a crude comment about short skirts or anything along a sexual line. That- I have found to be extremely rare if not existent among teenagers today. For your age group its all about sex and rude gestures and comments. But not for you Omi, youre still pure, and I want to be the one to break you. Youre so small and fragile and I want to watch you fall and take part in it, to be the cause if it. He finished as he smirked maniacally.

Omi was trembling violently with panic and fear. He never thought Mizaki-sensei, his -teacher- could be so sick and sadistic.

Mizaki came closer effectively trapping him in his corner and kissed him. He forced his tongue into the young blondes mouth then reeled back in pain when he felt the boys teeth clamp down on his tongue.

Taking advantage of the mans state of shock, Omi punched him in the gut and pushed past him making a beeline for the classroom door.

He got to the door, unlocked it, then. Slammed into the floor. It seemed all his small act of self-defense did was enrage his sensei.

Where the hell do you think youre going?! Im not through with you yet, my pretty little toy. He straddled Omi loosening his tie then undid the boys clothes. I *will* have you.

You cant do this! Its illegal and I dont want this! Omi protested as he struggled in vein. His teacher may not look it, but he was pretty strong, and obviously too heavy for Omis small body to fight him off. (Think of that lawyer dude, the evil one, from the episode where Omi met Midori)

Thats it, scream for me. I cant wait to brake you. The man smirked. He then proceeded to shed his own clothes.

NO! Let me go, you bastard! Let me go! Omis demands fell on deaf ears as the man spread his legs and plunged into his small, tight body.

Omi cried out pain as a trail of tears slipped down his smooth cheeks. He felt like he was being ripped apart from the inside. As soon as his teacher was fully in he started pounding him in a hard slow pace.

Just as I suspected youre a tight little virgin almost too tight but I managed to fit. Mizaki panted. Youre so beautiful when you look vulnerable. He purred as a last minute thought.

Please Just let me go. I wont tell anyone I swear, just please leave me alone. Omi pleaded weakly.

Tsk tsk, Im not done with you yet. He put one of Omis legs over his shoulder and plunged in deeper, earning him another scream of pain. Mizaki could feel the blood around his member and took delight in it as he sped up his pace. He knew he had torn the boy; he smirked when he realized how much he must be hurting the boy.

What do you think youre doing?! All movement stopped at the cold voice that entered the room.

Chapter 2

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