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Chapter 5

*JOU'S DREAM * (Warning: Kiddies this -is- a rape scene)

"Get yer dirty hands offa me!" Jou yelped as a hand collided with his face.

"You're nothing but a cheap, dirty, street whore boy." The man straddling him sneered, "That is all you'll ever be. No one will ever love you, especially when we're done with you." This said he claimed the struggling blonde's lips.

He ran his hands down the boy's lithe body then back up again. Reaching over to the table next to the bed he turned slightly to face his partner.

"You're getting this, right?"

"Oh yeah." The other proudly stated as he focused the camera on the sharp silver dagger his friend took from the table.

"Good, now let's have some fun." He sneered as he trailed the cool metal the boy's chest, "these pants will have to go." He chuckled as Jou's struggles stilled, then increased with a renewed vigor. "Why bother to struggle pretty boy? It's not like you'll be able to get away." The man unzipped the young blondes faded blue jeans and yanked them off roughly, "tell me boy, have you ever been taken before?" He drawled sadistically.

Panic ran through his entire being, "Y-yes"

"Really?" The now pant-less man yanked Jou's thin legs apart, settled between them and pushed himself in to the hilt, "Liar" he gritted, "Though once I'm done with you, you'll be far from innocent."

Jou yelped and whimpered from the searing pain running rampant through his nerves as the man started thrusting into him harshly. Tears soaked the blindfold over his eyes as he begged the man to stop, pleading to the heavens above that this be some strange nightmare brought on by mal-nutrition.

"He's…uh… so tight!" The man impaling the blonde grunted, "I think this one is mine."

"Can't I have him at least once?" The other complained.

"S-s… Stop!"

"What was that? Harder? Ok."

Jou twitched, writhed, screamed, and begged for the man to stop. Only succeeding in the man plowing into him harder and faster, drawing more blood, both from his abused rear and his raw wrists.

"P-please just… stop" He cried weakly.

"He's a pleasing little whelp isn't he?" The man grasped the dagger lying next to the blonde and proceeded to carve random patterns into the blondes pale flesh, rejoicing in the pain it brought to his young victim.

"You taste good." Whispered the hoarse voice of the attacker as he lapped at the blood spilling from the boy's wounds before thrusting his tongue into the blonde's mouth, imitating another action he was currently engaged in.

He drug the blade across the boy's chest once more spilling his seed.

"I'm done. I'll let you have one go. After that you get your own little fuck toy."


"Jou?! Wake up dammit. JOU!" The injured blonde found himself being shaken awake rather roughly. Was it just him or did the one shaking him with the force of an earthquake look worried? "Oh gods, Jou. I thought you weren't going to wake up. Don't you ever do that to me again!"

Jou blinked in confusion as Kaiba's eyes went wide. He didn't mean for that to slip out.

"Wha… Kaiba?" He looked around then groaned, "Still here huh?"

The other sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "Yeah still here. You're not out of the clear yet, blondie."

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