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Chapter 6

K-F-P: Oh dear, I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to hold this off for so long. Time just kinda ran away from me, what with school, work, family, friends kidnapping me… and the like, urm yeah.


Katsuya-Clone: *mimicking K-F-P behind her back*


K-F-P: *throws Seto-clone a ball-gag and a choker-chain with leash* Have fun


Seto-clone: *smirks/looks to K-C* Oh I will…


K-F-P: O_O… ok so here’s the next chapter ^.^ Oh yeah and I’m a little freaked at the moment, I just had some kinda bug thingy (baby roach *cringe* or water bug *shudders*) fly into my head, ew… but don’t worry I killed it… I just hope there aren’t anymore of them around my computer *whimper*


Lee-Primary: (the authors Yami) *wraps arms around K-F-P/glares at possible bug hiding places*




It was weeks before the two thieves and Pegasus’s henchman, Keith, were able to find a way in the palace unnoticed. Now they sat atop the stone fence watching the three young boys trek through the palace gardens.


“We should wait for nightfall.” The softer-silver haired boy said as he looked to the darker silver-haired male.


The other two nodded in agreement and they were off to find something to occupy themselves until nightfall.




Darkness hovered over the city as night fell into a blackened sky peppered with the light of the moon and surrounding stars.  Seto opened the door to his bed chambers and eyed the blonde curled up in his bed.


He closed the door and undressed from his robes as he strode to that very bed.


Jou’s eyes blinked open as the bed dipped, he turned to see the handsome face of his master and he blinked a bit.


“How was your day, Katsuya?” Seto asked as he leaned to kiss the blonde.


“G-good, Seto…” Jou kissed back and smiled as the brunette pulled away, he had slowly been learning to speak again, but the only one he would speak to was his master. He blushed as his master moved his way downwards to nip and suck at his throat, arching as the high priest moved his hands up and down his sides firmly yet still being gentle.


The things this man could do to him were incredible and he found himself addicted to his master, those feelings scared him, but he was glad he was with this man, he was so different from his father… no, his old master. He was falling in love with the high priest and he did not want the feeling to end.


Seto smirked as he felt the blonde’s response to his advances; his little slave was so responsive. He slipped his hands under the boy’s tunic and drew it upwards, allowing his fingers to just barely coast along the boy’s smooth skin.


Jou squirmed a bit, not used to such gently hands on him. He loved it when the brunette touched him, but he still felt a bit awkward. He gasped as a silent cry of Seto’s name left his lips.  Eyes closed tightly he writhed under his master as the man’s loving hands played with his lithe body.


Seto kissed the blonde’s scars apologetically as he moved down the boy’s body. He tugged the boy’s pants down and nipped at the boy’s length. He was happy to see that he had made the boy hard; it was make their activities a little more fun for the blonde beneath him.


Jou looked up as he felt Seto move off of him. His eyes started to well up with tears, fearing that his master was unhappy with him.


Seto looked down and cupped Jou’s cheek, “I’ll be right back, I just need to get something to make this a little easier on you.”


Jou nodded watching as his master gracefully swirl his robe around his shoulders and glide into the cleansing chambers connected to their bed chamber.


The blonde sighed, waiting for his master to return, but jumped when he heard a noise in direction his master had just gone.


“M-master S-seto…?” He whispered nervously. Not getting a response and fearing the worst he jumped up throwing on his tunic and pants and ran to the cleansing room only to find the brunette on his knees, his hands being held behind his back by a silver haired man and a rather nasty looking gash across his left temple.


“Well well well, what have we here?” Keith jeered from the doorway; he slunk toward the blonde, wrapping his arms around the small blonde from behind.


Jou jumped with a gasp and struggled as the older male held him tighter.


“We’ll be seeing you, High Priest.” The man said as he stalked from the room to the balcony. He pulled open the large wooden doors and escaped the blue-eyed priest’s chambers.


“Katsuya!” Seto grasped thin air as he reached a hand out fruitlessly. Growling he looked to the second silver haired boy, “Where are you taking him?!”


Ryou looked down shamefully, “We didn’t want to… Lord Pegasus holds our lives until he gets your slave… I-I’m so sorry.” Tears fell from the boy’s eyes as he fell to his knees.


Bakura let his captive go as he moved to his lover, “We must go now.” He whispered.


“Like Hell, tell me where Pegasus is!” Seto growled.


Ryou stood and moved to Seto quietly and raised a hand to the Priest’s temple, using his rare ability to transfer his memories to the brunette.


K-F-P: I know I know, I’m evil, but I hopefully will be updating this a lot sooner now, ok? Please don’t hurt me *hides behind her yami and clones*