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Chapter 5

*Warning: LEMON ALERT! Turn back now if you don't like Yaoi or lemons (if you don't like yaoi then you definitely wouldn't have made it chapter five so. um. yeah)*

"Do you really think Katsuya's ok? I mean with all that he's been through?" The petite tri-colored haired servant asked his master. He was currently lying on his back arms wrapped around Yami's neck, Yami obviously on top of him.

"He'll be fine, Yugi, he's staying with Seto now. Seto will not take advantage of him, he has too much pride for that." Yugi giggled cutely at the reassuring remark, knowing all too well how true that statement was. "Now I suggest we get back to our own affairs." Yami purred. Yugi, all too happy to comply, spread his legs invitingly for his lover.

Yami situated himself between the smaller boy's legs and captured his lips, savoring the sweet taste of his lover. He ran his hands lightly down Yugi's chest to his inner thigh, near his increasingly hard erection. A ghostly hand danced its way teasingly along the hard staff before wrapping around it and squeezing gently.

Yugi whimpered and moaned, urging his partner to stop teasing him. Yami, after a minute or so of slow wonderful torture, took pity on his young love and moved himself further down to take Yugi's manhood into his mouth.

"Oh Gods!" The small boy moaned loudly in pleasure. He moved his hands to grip tightly in Yami's silky hair, urging him on even more. Yami successfully deep throated his lover twice before sucking him harder. He started to swirl his tongue and grazed his teeth lightly over the sensitive organ before taking him completely in again. He did this until he sensed his Lover was near release, then pulled away.

Yami smirked when the boy whimpered in protest. He sat up to take in Yugi's disheveled form, loving the effects he had on him, from the hooded violet eyes to the flushed cheeks and swollen lips. He loved everything about this boy and thanked the Gods everyday for sending Yugi to him.

"You have no idea how much I love you." He whispered huskily before ravishing the boy's neck.

"Yami, p-please.." Yugi panted begging.

"Please what?"

"I ne-need you n-now." Yami reached over the table, conveniently set close to the bed, plucked up a bottle of oil and applied a generous amount to his index finger.

Yugi moaned in anticipation as he felt a slick finger slowly push into his body. He continued to moan and beg incoherently as Yami added the second finger, and the third. As he was preparing Yugi, the violet eyed boy took the discarded bottle (that just happened to be lying right near him.) and pored a good amount into his hand.

Yami, seeing what his love was doing, scooted a little closer to the tri- colored haired boy thus allowing Yugi to smooth the oil onto the young pharaoh's almost achingly hard erection.

Once Yami was satisfied Yugi was completely prepared, he pulled his fingers free and replaced them with his manhood. Yugi moaned appreciatively as he felt his lover's wonderfully large member push slowly into him. Yami stayed still to let the boy adjust to him before slowly rocking in and out, loving the tightness and heat.

"Y-Yami, faster harder!" Yugi begged. Yami sped up the pace, thrusting in and out more to Yugi's liking.

Yami, wanting to hear Yugi scream his name, lifted the smaller boy's legs up onto his shoulders and angled himself to hit directly on Yugi's prostate.

"YAMI!" Said male smirked knowingly before thrusting back into Yugi's pleasure center again and again. All the time delighting in his young love's pleasure filled cries.

Feeling he was almost near release, Yami took Yugi's erection into his hand and started pumping, slowly at first until his speed was matching that of his thrusts.

Screaming his lover's name, Yugi climaxed, coating both his and Yami's stomach with his seed. Feeling the tightening of Yugi's muscles around his organ, Yami filled the boy with his own essence, yelling his Yugi's name with as much love and passion as Yugi had done.

"I love you so much, Yugi." Yami panted as he trailed kisses all over the violet-eyed boy's face and slowly pulled himself out of Yugi's body.

"I love you too, Yami." Yami scooped Yugi into his arms and they both fell asleep snuggled up to one another.

*Ok Lemon is over with, it is now safe to read again (well if you call this a safe story that is.)*

The next morning Jou woke up to the wonderful feeling of someone running gentle hands through his soft golden locks. He looked up to see beautiful blue eyes staring back at him warmly.

"Good morning, pup." Jou kissed Seto's chest and snuggled further into the wonderful heat that was his master's body, "Well good morning to you too." The blue-eyed teen chuckled amusedly. Jou blushed and snuggled further into him. In turn, Seto tightened his hold on the younger boy more comfortably earning a content sigh from the little blonde.

'I really shouldn't be doing this, what if that guy was right? What if Seto does decide to hurt me? But he was so gentle with me last night, and he's being so kind to me right now. I think I might be falling in love with him. Please Ra, if you're listening; please just let him hold me like this for a little while longer.' The small honey-eyed boy thought to himself.

'He fits so well in my arms, Gods this feels so perfect. I can't believe he's actually letting me hold him. Please don't ever take this lovely angel away from me.' The two lay happily in each other's arms, not willing or ready to leave such a comfortable confinement. But for everything wonderful and perfect there is always something to come between it sooner or later, in this case for example, it came in the form of the great Pharaoh himself to inform his High Priest about the meeting they had scheduled in one hour.

"Oh curse it all to the pits of Hell!(1)" Seto hissed not noticing Jou's small whimper and slight retreat at the sound of anger. Seto of course wasn't angry, just disappointed that he had to leave his new bed slave. He looked over when he heard the faintest of whimpers and found the small blonde huddled in the far corner of the bed.

"Oh, Katsuya, I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you." He opened his arms in hopes that the blonde would come to him, "I am merely disappointed to have to leave you so soon that is all. I sincerely did not intend to frighten you." Jou looked hesitant for a minute, but slowly crawled back into his master's strong arms. Seto ran his hands through Jou's hair soothingly while rocking the two back and forth slowly to try and calm down some of Jou's slight trembling. Jou on the other hand just clung to the tall brunette.

Seto couldn't seem to think of a way to calm the boy down, so instead he captured the boy's lips with his in a passionate kiss and slowly leaned them back on the bed, Jou beneath him. He caressed the blonde's soft skin while trailed kisses down his jaw and color bone. He suckling and nipping gently at the base of Jou's neck, the juncture where the neck connects with the shoulder, loving the small mewls of pleasure he was receiving.

He glanced up at the sun and cursed his rotten luck. He kissed Jou once more before hopping out of bed to get ready for the meeting.

"I'm going to get a bath. I would take you in with me, but I have a meeting to get to and with you beautiful, tempting body I most likely will be tempted to repeat last night." Seeing Jou's blush, Seto couldn't help but smile. He wrapped himself in a fluffy midnight blue robe and walked back over to the bed. "I'll be back later, you may spend the day with Yugi if you like, that choice is up to you." He hugged the small blonde close to him and heard the younger boy yawn, "hmm, I didn't wear you out too much last night did I?" Receiving yet another crimson blush, the High Priest chuckled. "Get some sleep, you have all day to wander around. Yugi will be in later to bring you garments." Jou nodded and lay back down to take a short nap. Seto felt himself smile, the blonde was just too irresistibly cute not to. He lent over tucked the boy in and kissed him on the forehead, "I'll be back mid-after noon." Jou nodded once more before yawning and falling asleep in a small tight ball.


Keith knelt I front of Pegasus once more. Pegasus did not look very happy, he sat in his plush chair swirling the red wine in his glass as he glared vehemently at the scruffy looking blonde.

"You've failed me again, Keith. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry, Lord Pegasus. But you see, the boy put up a bit of a fight and just as I got him down the Pharaoh and his High Priest came storming into the room. There was no way I could have gotten out alive carrying the boy while trying to fight those two off."

"I see.. Hmmm.. Do you think you'd be able to catch him again, without getting yourself caught?"

"If I catch him off guard and alone, yes."

"Then do it. He is most valuable to me, you better not come back empty handed."

"Yes, Lord Pegasus."

~Back with Jou~

Jou awoke with a start just as he was coming to the worst part of his nightmare. He had thought the nightmares would have left him by now, but they always stuck with him. Most of the time he didn't understand these dreams, most of the things he dreamt about had never even happened, well at least not that he could remember. The boy in his dreams did look an awful lot like him, only he seemed older and not from the same world, which kind of freaked him out. But this last one was different, it seemed a lot closer to this time line, and it wasn't a good one. This last dream gave him a very eerie, uneasy feeling.

A knock at the door pulled the young blonde from his thoughts as he saw his small friend, Yugi, enter the room positively beaming at him.

"Good morning, Katsuya!" The little one chirped, "How was your rest? Lord Seto didn't do anything bad did he?" Jou just shook his head dumbly, "Well that's good, I'm not exactly sure why I bothered to ask, because I've known Lord Seto for quite sometime and he's not the type to push himself too far onto someone." The boy rambled on. Jou just looked on in amazement as his little friend was able to just carry on like that. Never in a million years would he ever understand it.

"Well anyway, moving onto more important matters. I have brought you some clothing at Lord Seto's request. I hope you like them, this style is extremely comfortable." The boy went on, apparently not noticing or caring that his friend was currently decked out in nothing but the blankets on his master's bed. The smaller boy just wondered around the room airily, going about his normal ways. "Oh, I just thought of something. You did spend a night with Lord Seto, so you probably would want a bath wouldn't you?" The young boy giggled as Jou blushed for the third time that morning and nodded his head dumbly yet again.

"Ok then, I'll be right back. I have to go set up your bath." And again Jou nodded, and sat there stupidly.

~Else where~

"Lord Pegasus, we have caught these two thieves snooping around. What should we do with them?" One of the many guards inquired as he held two slender teenage boys with snowy white hair; one with soft chocolate brown eyes, the other with colder brown eyes with just a hint of red in them, both very pale. They looked almost alike except for the reddish tint to the slightly taller ones eyes, the height factor being another small difference, and the taller one seemed more rough around the edges while the shorter one seemed more effeminate.

Pegasus contemplated what uses he might have for these two. He didn't really need any more servants, he had plenty.

"What are you're names?" He glanced at the two aiming a question at them.

"Why should we tell you?"

"Because if you don't I'll take my frustration out on your cute little partner then kill the both of you."

"Hn. bastard. I'm Bakura this is Ryou." He growled.

"Uh huh, You say these two are thieves?" He asked the guard whom brought them in, in which he received a nod, "Are you any good?" He asked the two.

Bakura snorted, "We've never been caught before this, and we wouldn't have been caught if he," he jerked his head towards his smaller look alike, "hadn't twisted his ankle." He finished sending one of his weaker glares towards Ryou. He sent a weak one to show him that he wasn't really that mad at him.

"Have you ever robbed from the Pharaoh's palace?"

"Yes, of course."

"Ever been caught?"

Bakura growled, "I already told you, this is the first time we've ever been caught."

"I see, I think I may have use for you two. Alanzar!" (Ok ok stupid name, but I had to come up with something.)

A tall guard with reddish hair made his way into the room, "Yes milord?"

"I want you to fix up this boy's ankle, and make it quick. I have a job for these two. And tell Keith he will be having company on his next mission to capture our lovely little mute."

"Yes sir." He turned to the two teens Pegasus had pointed out, "Right this way, we'll get your injury all fixed up." He stated before leading the two to the infirmary.

~Back at the palace~

Jou came out of the bath feeling fresh and squeaky clean. He dressed in the clothes Yugi set out on the bed for him.

They were a little baggy, but nothing too bad. He was just happy they covered him.

"Hey Jou!" He smiled when he heard the hyper little voice of his small friend as the little bounced into the room. "Today we get to go check out the gardens, how does that sound?!" He asked excited.

Jou just smiled happily to show he agreed with the idea, he always did like flowers. He loved nature and being outdoors.

"Well then come on and let's go! Honda might be joining us too, he doesn't have to start cooking for another two hours." Jou just nodded as the small bundle of energy pulled him from the room and towards what he guessed was the general direction of the gardens.

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