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Chapter 2

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K-F-P: KAWAII! ::snaps a few more pictures:: Well with out further delay, here is chapter 2. (::grumbles:: eww that rhymed. ::pouts:: ) Thank you to everyone who reviewed for the first chapter ^_^

Chapter 2

The next day the young boy did not show up for school. His friends were a little worried, but didn't pay it too much mind, thinking he probably just had a cold. What did get them worried though is the fact that it was now the following Tuesday and their friend was still no where to be seen.

So after school the small group of four (Yuugi, Ryou, Anzu, and Honda) decided to go check up on their dear friend.

As they walked through the run down part of Domino, where Honda informed them was Jou's neighborhood, they found themselves outside of an old cheapy apartment building. They checked the mailboxes finding Jounouchi on one of them along with a room number they quickly found themselves in front of that very door.

Honda stepped forward and knocked on the door. The one to answer the door was none other than the middle aged man that kicked the young boy out a week ago. The older man glared at the small group and spat out:

"Yeah, what'd you want?"

"Um. Sir, we were just wondering if Katsuya was here?" Honda asked.

"No" Was all that came out of his foul mouth.

"Well he wasn't in school today, or the last week for that matter, so we were just a little worried." Yuugi explained from his seemingly safe position behind Honda.

"For the whole week? Why that no good, dirty, rotten son of a bitch!" The elder yelled.

"Did he leave for school this morning?" Anzu asked.

"I haven't seen that *mutt* since last Monday night." He sneered, "If any of ya see him tell him to get his act together and get his scrawny little ass back here immediately!" With that he slammed the door on the four youths standing in the hallway.

Yuugi tugged on Anzu's sweater. "I'm worried." He frowned, "He says he hasn't seen Jou since last Monday, doesn't that seem a little odd? Jou wouldn't run away with would he?"

"With what he's living with, I don't see why he'd stay." Honda scoffed.

"Well he wouldn't just leave us like that without a word of where he's going." Ryou added, "It's a bit curious."

"Y-you're not implying something happened to him, are you?" Now Anzu looked a bit worried.

Ryou frowned, "Maybe we should go look for him."

And the search was on.

~In some unknown part of the city~

"He's such a pretty little one, isn't he?" Came a snide deep voice.

"I must say I do agree." Responded another, "Do you think we can take him now? We've waited for a week." He reasoned.

"Yeah, I think the beatings are enough for right now." The complied.

The two men, probably around early to thirties approached their blind folded prey.

"So who wants to go first?" Asked the taller male with reddish hair.

"You got the last one, I'll take this one." The second said. This one was quite as tall, but he was still tall and had greasy black hair. He approached the unconscious boy and tightened his restraints out of good measure. The boy was slender, about 6'2", gold blonde hair, and at the moment very bloody.

"I'm going to have lots of fun with this one." The man jeered and he slapped the boy awake. He didn't want the boy to miss out on anything.

~Time laps~

It was a month later and still no sign of Jou. Yuugi, Yami, Ryou, Honda, Anzu, and even Bakura had been searching for an entire month and yet they still couldn't find him. They sent flyers out, they filled out a missing person's report, they asked around, they did everything they knew of and yet they still couldn't find the boy.

Yuugi was practically in a state of hysteria when they found a torn off piece of a green jacket with blood on it. He immediately who's jacket it belonged to. Gods all he wanted to do was find his best friend.

He was almost to the point where not even Yami could get through to him, well almost; the spirit was still a great comfort to him.

~One night~

"Come on Yuugi, we've tried just about everything." Anzu pleaded.

"Not everything, he's a genius everyone know that. Maybe he can help us find Jou, and even if he can't he still might know someone who could help us." Yuugi pleaded with his friends, "Sure he picks on Jou, but he's not evil, he wouldn't want Jou to die or anything."

"Well it's worth a shot."

"Thanks, Honda." Yuugi smiled weakly at his browned haired friend.

~In some ritzy house in upper class Domino city~


"Damn phone, always in the middle of dinner." A tall boy with reddish- brown hair cursed, "I'll be right back Mokuba, and don't even think about dumping the broccoli." He mock glared at his little brother.

Said boy stuck his tongue out at the obviously older boy, "Wouldn't dream of it, big brother." He said in an extremely fake innocent voice (Authoress: ^_^ I think those two are just so cute ::huggles Mokuba plushie:: ok I'm done now.)



"Well who else would be picking up my home phone?" Kaiba stated in rather bored tone, "What is it you wanted Yuugi?"

"I- we need you're help." Yuugi's voice sounded a bit distressed.

"Why my help?"

"We need you to help us locate a missing person."

"Missing person?"

"Haven't you seen the flyers?"

"What flyers?"

"Jou's missing, he's been so for about a month now." Seto's eyes were the size of dinner plates. 'How could I have missed that?' He thought to himself.

"Are you sure he didn't just leave?"

"Of course, he would never just up and leave without so much as a good bye or an explanation." Yuugi sounded like he was almost in tears, "Could you please help us find him, please?!"

"How? I don't anything about where he would go or anything." Sure Jou aggravated him, but he didn't hate the boy. And this was serious, there were so many possibilities of what could have happened, "Count me in Yuugi."

Yuugi sighed in relief, "Thank you so much Kaiba."

"Think of this as my repayment for you're help in duelist kingdom." With that Kaiba hung up.

'Urgh, what could that mutt possibly have gotten himself into now? And a month? How is it that I missed that?!' Kaiba was getting rather frustrated, and he didn't like it, not one bit.

Authoress: So how was that for the 2nd chapter? And it was a lot longer ^_^

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