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Chapter 1

Katsuya-clone: Oh no, this isn't another lets torture Jou fic is it?

K-F-P: I can't write anything else ::looks confused::

Katsuya-clone: -_- Someone help me ::pouts::


Seto-clone: It's alright koi, you know how she is. She always puts us together at some point in her fics. ::wraps arms around Katsuya-clone- chan::

K-F-P: KAWAII ::snaps pictures:: ^_^ (maybe they haven't realized this is only my second YGO! fic ::grin:: )

Warning: Child abuse, rape, harsh language, and other cruelness.

Disclaimer: If you've read anything else I've ever written then it should be quite obvious by now that I don't own anything but my clothes (and I don't even own them, my parents still buy my clothing, that's what happens when you don't have a job. ::grumbles to self:: hope ya'll enjoy the story)

Chapter 1

"Fucking bastard, son of a wench!" The enraged statement was emphasized by the sound of something glass being smashed against a wall. A minute later a door to a run down, cheap looking apartment building flew open and a young boy no older than seventeen was roughly shoved into the cold winds of a January's night.

"And you better get home *on time* tomorrow, you hear me mutt?!" The older of the two males sneered.

"Yes.. Sir" Came the younger's reply through tightly clenched teeth. He appeared pretty beat up. His right arm lay limply at his side, he had a trail of blood streaming down the left side of his face, a black eye, split lip, a few bleeding gashes on his good arm, and various parts of his thin green jacket and white t-shirt bore a few rips and tares in them with red tinting the rim of the tares. His breathing was shaky and it looked like it pained him to do so, while his good arm rest in the general location of his rib cage.

The young boy shakily got to his feet, faltered a little and stumbled backward. When he finally managed to somewhat steady himself, he looked up to the man with hurt amber-brown eyes.

"See ya after school tomorrow, father." Was the last thing he said before turning around and limping down the street.

The man, apparently the boy's father, hmphed and went back to his somewhat warmer apartment room.

Authoress: I know that was short, but the next chapter will be out most likely tomorrow (Monday, March 3rd) ok? ^_^ Don't forget to read and review ^_^

Katsuya-clone: Flame her ::fights Seto-clone for a lighter::

Seto-clone: How could you do that to my koi?! ::wants to use the lighter himself::

K-F-P: Hey it's important for the story ::shrugs:: and besides it lead to you saving/ fawning over him.

Seto-clone: I save him?

K-F-P: ^_^ Yep! You get to play hero!

Seto-clone: Ok everybody give her nice reviews ^_^

Katsuya-clone: ::glares at his significant other:: no flame her, then maybe she'll write something that *doesn't* involve getting beat.

K-F-P: ::blink:: Nope never gonna happen, I only write sadistic angst romance for YGO!

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