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Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragonball z, yatta yatta yatta

7:30 pm.

Oomph! Ouch that hurt. The young girl whined, Where am I anyway? The young dark haired girl stood up to take a look around and noticed that she didnt recognize this strange place she found herself in. Hmm.. I guess Ill just have to explore the area then. Then she set off on her journey to explore the city.

~ Elsewhere in the city ~

Hey Videl! Came a voice from behind the small group of three.

Oh, hey Gohan! We missed you after school today. Erasa interrupted in her normal squeally, high pitched voice. That ditz (Guess whose thoughts these are) I swear I cant go anywhere without her flirting with the entire male population Videl thought. Whoa now, was that jealousy I was just feeling? No of course not, dont be silly Videl! Videls thoughts were soon interrupted by an irritated Sharpners arm coming around her shoulders..



Oh come on Videl, you know you like it Sharpner cooed. (Sharpners a birdie, yay!)



::Erasa and Gohan sweat drop:: Um. Guys? Gohan stepped in, Gee, gosh, wow, Sharpner maybe you should..

Listen Dork, I dont need your help Sharpner retorted.

Gohan is not a dork; hes a lot cooler than you are Sharpner! Videl reprimanded. At this, Gohan gave a triumphant smirk towards Sharpners way, as he did he noticed a flash of black round the corner. At that point he felt it, it didnt feel like an evil presence, but it was different from the other life forces around him. It almost seemed inhuman.

Hey, Gohan you ok? You seemed to zone out there for a minute

Hm? Oh, yeah Im fine Erasa; I just thought I saw something. He responded. The group then proceeded to walk toward their destination, the food court in the mall.

~ At the mall ~

Hm. What do we have here Kevin? Well dude, it appears to be a pretty little girl. It appears that you are right. The young girl started to back away from the older boys slowly, slightly trembling in fear.

Um. She starts to look around nervously, wondering why no one is helping her, I dont really need directions, and I think Ill be going now, thanks anyway. Just as she was turning away she felt a strong hand on her shoulder, and than another hand grip her wrist in a seemingly death grip.

Not so fast pretty lady.

I really must be going, sorry. She gave a weak smile and tried to break free, but the guy was just a little to strong for her liking.

Hey, what does that guy think hes doing? Huh? Gohan, what are you talking about? Videl, is it not obvious that that girl doesnt want to be in their company? Oh, eh heh heh, I believe your right.

Come on you know you want it. Hey jerk! The three people looked up to see Videl, Gohan, Sharpner, and Erasa glaring at the two boys, No means no, now let the girl alone.

This is none of your business, now leave us alone! the leader shouted back, while gripping the girls hand tighter until she started to whimper in pain.

Ouch, youre hurting me. She complained. Shut up bitch. The Kevin snapped, Hey Jake, I say we bail. What are you chicken, come on Kevin we can take on these guys. Jake reprimanded. Um. Yeah sure ok.

~ 1 minutes later ~

Ok, ok, you win, here take her. Jake pleaded as he shoved the girl over to her four saviors.

Oomph! The young girl landed on her backside on the floor at Gohans feet. Funny, that is the second time tonight that I have landed on my Her train of thought was cut off as she felt two strong arms lift her up from her place on the floor.

Are you ok, Miss? She heard Gohan ask. Huh? Oh yeah, um thank you, all of you for your help. Oh dont worry about it. Videl welcomed her. Say, I havent seen you around here before, my names Gohan. Gohan introduced himself as he held out his hand for her to shake; she just looked up at him (well, she is shorter than him) questioningly. Um. Ok, well my friends here are Videl, Sharpner, and Erasa. He introduced the said people as he pointed out who each of them were.

Well thank you Gohan, Videl, Sharpner, and Erasa. I am very much appreciative for your help. She said as she bowed respectfully. My name is Liona Setsuna.

Well Liona, are you new to our fair city? Erasa asked. Liona just nodded her head and smiled warmly. I was just asking for directions and those two men ::cringe:: tried to Gohan noticed her trembling and decided to comfort her.

Its ok, theyre gone now. So what school are you going to?

Huh? School? Yeah, gee, you look like youve never heard of it. Gohan teased. Um ok, what school is this anyway? Its called Orange Star High School; well help you get settled in tomorrow. Well thank you for all your help. I should probably be going now, its getting late. Yeah, well see you tomorrow, um. How about we all meet outside of here considering its on the way to school, lets say about 6:30 am? Yeah sure. The rest of the group nodded in agreement. See ya tomorrow bright and early, Liona. The group waved goodbye and soon Liona was all by herself yet again in this strange and lonely place.

~The Next Morning At The Son Residence~

GOHAN! YOURE GOING TO BE LATE IF YOU DO.. Gohan? Chi Chi walked into her eldest sons room to see that he was already awake and dressed putting on his shoes. Well now, isnt this a lovely surprise. Hmm, why may I ask are you up so early?

Huh? Oh good morning mom, I had to get up early, Videl, Sharpner, Erasa and I are meeting this new girl in front of the mall so we can help her get to school. Gohan explained.

Help her get to school? What do you mean? And why at the mall? Chi Chi asked.

The mall is on the way to school, and she just moved here so she doesnt know her way around yet.

Oh, well that is very sweet of you and your friends Gohan. ::Chi Chi turns away from her sun with stars in her eyes:: I knew I raised you right, did you hear that Goku? Your/our son is a true gentleman.

Oh mom ::Looks at the clock:: Um I better get going. Bye mom love ya, see you after school! Gohan shouted as he ran down the stairs.

BYE NIICHAN! Goten shouted to his older brother.

SEE YA LATER SQUIRT! With that Gohan took to the air and bolted towards Satan City.

~Minutes Later In Front Of The Mall~

Hey Liona! Videl, Erasa, and Sharpner greeted.

Huh? Oh hey guys. Liona smiled warmly at her new friends.

Um Wheres Gohan? Videl asked.

I dont know, he hasnt showed up yet so I figured he was with you guys. Liona replied.

Nope not with us, hes probably just late again. I mean he does live pretty far away. Erasa responded.

Yeah youre probably right. Well he better get here soon or Im leaving without that spiky-haired ba Videl was cut off by a familiar laugh from behind her.

Uh eh heh heh Sorry Im late guys. Gohan apologized, So, shall we be going now? He asked, the others nodded their heads and started to walk in the direction of the school with Liona trailing behind.

So are you nervous about your first day of school, Liona? Gohan asked, trying to break the silence. Liona just nodded her head.

Well dont be, girl. Youll be just fine, a pretty girl like you will make plenty of friends on the first day, and of course youll always have us. Erasa pointed out. Though her comment caused the rest of the group to take a good look at Liona. Liona was dressed in a knee length flowy (Im not sure if thats even a word) black skirt with black roses embroidered on it, knee high black moccasin boots, a purple peasant shirt and a black corset. (Hey, dont laugh, I own like half of that outfit and I love it to pieces. The only thing I dont have is the corset. ::pouts::) She had silky black hair that reached her knees, the neat part about it was it had sort of a purple-ish tint to it. Her eyes were naturally a violet color; they could tell she wasnt wearing contacts. Her skin was a creamy white, and she was very slim. (Think of Sailor Mars with a few, very few, changes)

I have to agree with Erasa on that one. Sharpner replied, with that Lionas soft white cheeks turned a light pink color as she looked at her feet.

~Now At The School~

Ok, you have to take an entry exam that will probably take you about 2 hours and then wait another 15 minutes for your schedule. Here you go, and here is a #2 pencil. Have fun. The secretary handed Liona the pencil and the test, her friends left the office after wishing her good luck. Now sitting alone at a table one of the counseling rooms, she started to fill in answers on her test.

~Five Minutes Later~

Um Excuse me miss.? Liona asked.

Yes? Is there a problem? Well no actually, I just wanted to hand you my test. Why, was it to hard? Um No actually I finished the test. What? Let me see that. The secretary took the test and scanned it, sure enough the answers were all filled in. When she put the test paper the machine to grade it, it came out flawless. Liona passed the test with flying colors, now all there was left was to get her schedule.

Well it will take about fifteen minutes to receive your schedule, so please take a seat. The older lady told her.

Yes maam. Was lionas only reply as she took a seat in a near-by chair.

~Fifteen Minutes Later~

Here you go young lady. Just follow this and youll be just fine. She handed Liona her schedule along with a map of the building.

Thank you maam, I will. With that she left the office and went to her homeroom.

Authors note: Sorry thats about all I can come up with so far. Ill have more later ::gulp:: I hope. ::Dodges food the audience throws at her:: LOOK IM SORRY OK! Eep! :: dodges a fold up chair:: Hey I thought you guys only threw food. ::dodges an apple:: Remind me to keep my big mouth shut next time. ::grumble grumble::

Chapter 2

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