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Chapter 4

Keith slammed Jou into the door and slapped him across the face.

"You're nothing but a pleasure toy, you know that?" Keith kicked Jou in the ribs, smiling when he heard a sickening crack. "You know all this, your new friend? Nobody really cares about you. They'll just use you like everyone else." Keith snickered then kicked Jou again, receiving a whimper. "Then they'll dump you off with your father again." He sneered while moving over to the broken boy on the floor. "I'll be taking you to *his* house tonight, but I want some time alone with you first."

Jou sobbed as he tried to fight against Keith in vain. Keith removed the shirt and pants the nurse supplied for him, and started touching him. "You know, it's rather useless to struggle. Though I don't mind, it makes it all the more fun for me." He sneered into the smaller boy's ear. He pushed his own pants down to his knees and roughly pushed into the boy, bending down to swallow the boy's pain-filled whimper.

"For someone who is beaten all the time, you're quite beautiful and so very tight and hot. I can now see why *he* wants you so bad." He grunted as he slammed into the boy hard. He withdrew his knife and pushed it into the boy's chest just hard enough to draw blood. He bent down to lick the blood away. "Mmm, you taste good." He licked his lips, "I think I'll have more." He grinned sadistically before he made a neat little slash across the boy's shoulder, near the neck, and started to lap up the blood. (Authoress: He thinks he's a vampire ::sigh:: )

He continued to slam into the boy almost near release when he heard footsteps near the door. "Damn! I guess we'll have to finish this later." He cursed. He pulled out of the boy and threw his clothes at him, as he pulled his own pants up.

Jou got his clothes on and tried to stand but was thrown back to the ground by Keith. "Oh no you don't, you think they'd actually help you anyway?" He sneered and kicked the boy before he could try to get to his feet again. He hefted Jou over his shoulder effortlessly and headed for the window.

He didn't get very far though.

~With Seto and Yami~

The two made it to Sugoroku's room and were now talking to Yugi.

"Ok so we'll go to his home tomorrow."

"Ok!" ^_^ "Oh Do you think he's still awake? Could I go inform him?!" Yugi chirped. (I love the chirping! ::huggles Yugi-chan:: ^_^)

Yami chuckled; sometimes his servant was just too cute, "Of course Yugi, we should probably go check on him anyway." He ruffled the smaller boy's hair then turned toward the door with Seto and Yugi following him.

When they got to the door to the infirmary they heard someone talking and got curious. 'No one's supposed to be in there this late.' Yami thought skeptically, he spared a glance to Seto noticing that he to, was thinking the same thing. When they opened the door they saw something they definitely were not expecting.


"K-Katsuya!" Startled by the fact that he was caught Keith dropped Jou harshly on the stone floor and spun around in a defensive stance.

"I'm taking him with me, and you can't stop me." He sneered.

Yugi's eyes widened and he hid behind Yami, "Lord Yami, he's the one that attacked us in the alley." Yugi whimpered.

Yami growled at Keith, "Well you can't have him. What the hell do you want with him anyway?!" He demanded. (Authoress: Sheesh, he certainly likes demanding doesn't he? Katsuya-clone: Well he is the pharaoh Authoress: Your back! ::glomp huggles Katsuya:: ^_^ Katsuya-clone: O_O Seto-clone: Hey! Authoress: ::glomp huggles Seto:: I luffles you too! ^_^ ::snuggles into her two clones' arms:: Ok now back to the story)

"My employer wants him for his own. purposes." Keith looked down at the boy and smirked, "And I can see why." Jou tried to back away, but his body wouldn't move due to the pain and fear he was experiencing.

"You sick bastard." Seto growled as he lunged at Keith.

The struggle went on for a few minutes until it looked like Seto had Keith pinned. But then Keith pulled a move no one was expecting and grabbed up Jou.

"No Katsuya!" Yugi cried out. He ran for his friend but was knocked back by Keith.

"I've got him now." He sneered, he turned to leave but was stopped by Yami and Seto.

"Let him go, you have no right to break into my palace and steal away this boy who obviously doesn't want to go with you." Yami growled.

Seto, seeing as how words were deffinitly not going to win this, hit Keith hard enough to send him to the ground. In turn having him, yet again, drop Jou. Yugi rushed over to Jou as the three boys fought. A few minutes later Keith managed to escape and flea, with out Jou.

"Yami, Katsuya's hurt!" Yugi cried as he noticed to blood soaking through his friend's shirt.

They got Jou bandaged up and decided to stay the rest of the night in the infirmary to make sure Jou was safe.

~The next morning~

"Come on, time to get up. We've got a long day today." Yami stated as he shook Yugi and Seto awake.

"Oh ok I'm up I'm up." Grumbled Yugi, Yami chuckled at his cuteness (Authoress: How could you not? Katsuya-clone: Shhhhhh, some people are trying to read Authoress: ::blushies:: oh, gomen nasai)

"Hey aren't you gonna wake Katsuya?" He asked pouting.

"I would, but I think he trusts you more." Yami chuckled.

"Oh ok." ^_^ He moved over to Jou and started to shake him lightly, "Katsuya? Hey Katsuya, time to get up." He frowned then started to shake him again, "Come on Katsuya, time to get up." He shook him a little harder then jumped back as he heard him whimper, "Sorry, Katsuya, I didn't mean to hurt you. Come on you gotta get up."

"Well it doesn't seem like he wants to get up." Yami declared, "oh well we could take him along with us and wake him when we get there." He offered.

~In the village~

"Ok time to get up." Seto nudged the smaller boy, finally succeeding in getting him awake.

"This is your home, right Katsuya?" Yugi pointed to a small hut where a rather angry looking man was shouting at a small girl.

Jou looked out from the carriage to see his father shouting at one of the other slaves. He started to tremble and back away until he noticed his father was about to strike the girl. After seeing his father raise his hand he took off toward the man leaving a rather stunned pharaoh, high priest and Yugi.

Jou pushed the girl out of the way receiving the full force of his father's blow. He was thrown to the ground by the brutal hit and whimpered softly.

"That's his master." Yugi confirmed.

"Katsuya? Where the hell have you been?! You didn't try to run away did you?! You KNOW what happens when slaves try to run away." He sneered as he hefted his son up by the arm harshly and smacked across the face.

"That will be enough!" Seto interjected. "Does this boy belong to you?"

"He is my son; of course he belongs to me. But I don't see how that's any of your business, unless you're a customer I think you should leave." He turned back to the boy, "You owe me, brat. Because of you I lost a lot of my usual business."

"Usual business? How would this boy run down your business?" Yami asked, he was getting confused and rather irritated.

"Unless you're here to purchase him for the night, I think you should leave." He sneered.

"Purchase him for the night?" Seto's anger grew as he realized what the man meant, "That's illegal you bastard, he's just a child." He had a sudden urge to ring the man's neck, but held back on it. "I would like to buy him though."

"Really? So how many hours?"

"Not like that, I mean I would like to own him, take him away from here."

"He's not for long term sale, he's too profitable to me." The older man sneered as he jerked Jou roughly to him.

"Will this be enough?" Seto threw three gold coins to him.

(Authoress: ^_^ ::glomp huggles Seto-clone:: YAY! YOU'RE SAVING KATSUYA- CHAN! Seto-clone: O_O ::turns blue:: .air. Authoress: ::blink:: Oh! ::jumps into Katsuya's arms:: Gomen nasai Seto-chan!)

The man's eyes grew twice the size of dinner plates. "Take him." He threw Jou to Seto's feet, "he's all yours. Free information to the new buyer, he's a great fuck, though you might have to beat him into submission." The dirty middle-aged man stated smirking at his son. Yugi ran to his friend glaring at the man.

If looks could kill the man would have died twice by the glares he received from both Yami and Seto. "I don't think that will be necessary." Seto growled, "Unlike some, I don't rape my slaves." With that said he picked up Jou and walked back to the carriage.

~In the palace~

Seto took Jou to his quarters so as to get him cleaned up.

"I would like to explain a few things to you." Seto looked at Jou just as he closed the door to his room.

Jou looked paler than normal and was slowly backing away from Seto.

"I don't rape my slaves, and I will never hurt you unless you give me a reason to, though I'll never treat you as badly as your father has. That and you belong to me now, so no one is to touch you without my permission, understand?"

Jou, still trembling, nodded his head.

"Now you need to get cleaned up." He noticed the panic flash in the boy's eyes, "Don't worry I wont harm you." He said, hoping the boy would calm down.

~In the bath~

With quite a bit of struggle, Seto finally got his small slave into the warm water of the bath. But for some reason he was having even more trouble keeping his eyes off the almost perfect form of his slave's body.

'Well it would have been absolutely perfect if he didn't have so many scars.' Seto thought to himself. He frowned a bit looking at the boy. 'Ra I wish I could take him right now.' He thought to himself while licking his lips.

Jou, however, saw the look the older boy was giving him and backed away in the water, trembling.

"I told you before I wouldn't hurt you, do you still not trust me?" Seto frowned

'Of course I don't trust him, especially with those looks he keeps giving me.' Jou thought to himself, 'besides what reason do I have to trust him? Though he did save me today, and I do feel oddly safe around him.'

Noticing the boy wasn't paying attention, Seto took this time to sneak up to Jou and capture him in his arms (Authoress: Did I forget to mention Seto was in the bath with him? I did? Oops ::looks sheepish:: Gomen nasai. It's one of those pool type baths, think of the girl's bath realm in Tenchi Muyo <= spelling?). Jou, to say the least, was rather startled. He tried to wrench away from Seto, but Seto was just too strong for him, and after everything that's happened Jou felt to weak to even really move.

"Shh.. I won't hurt you." Seto soothed as he started to wash Jou's hair.

His touch was just so gentle Jou couldn't help but lean into him. Seto grinned at the reaction he received and proceeded in his ministrations, in turn receiving a soft moan.

He cleaned the rest of the boy, loving the feel of his soft skin.

After there little bath Seto placed Jou gently on the bed. Jou, noticing where he was, started to panic. He was starting to hyperventilate as he fought to get off the bed.

"Relax.." Seto pushed him gently on his back again, "I won't touch you if you don't want me to." He said and kissed Jou gently yet passionately on the lips.

Jou's eyes were the size of dinner plates, 'He's being gentle with me?' He thought incredulously, 'No one's ever been gentle with me before, he treats me like I'm made of glass. I wonder if I should give myself to him, after all I am *his* slave now, it's his right to claim me.' He thought. With this he kissed back.

Seto, shocked at first, deepened the kiss letting his hand roam south a little...

He received a whimper when he messaged the boy's inner thighs, but to his surprise it wasn't a protesting whimper. So he continued, receiving more soft whimpers and moans.

Jou, for the first time in his life was actually enjoying the feeling of being touched. He could feel his erection growing, 'Ra this feels so. right.' He couldn't believe the utter pleasure coursing through his body.

Seto removed the robe he had placed around Jou after their bath. Noticing the boy's erection he grinned and moved downwards.

Jou gasped when he felt something hot and wet around his arousal. He whimpered and moaned. He tried to thrust into Seto's mouth, but Seto held him down at the hips to keep him from doing just that.

Just as he felt Jou was about to come he pulled away. Jou whimpered in protest, but didn't move, he just tried to catch his breath. Never had he ever felt so much pleasure before, it surprised and scared him.

Seto reached for a bottle of oil he kept by the bed and spread it across his fingers, "Now this may hurt at first, but I have to prepare you so it doesn't hurt more than it should." He explained, then pushed one finger into Jou's entrance,

Jou winced and bit his lip, his body completely tense.

"Shh. Just relax, if you relax the pain will recede." Seto soothed as he stroked blonde hair away from Jou's eyes. He wiggled his finger a little and moved pumped it in and out.

Jou whimpered and tried to relax, but he couldn't get over the uncomfortable feeling.

Seto then added another finger, pumping in time with the first one and scissored them to stretch the tight ring of muscles. A few seconds later he added a third and pumped in time with the other two trying to find the spot that would bring pleasure to his new slave.

Jou gasped and bit his lip as a wave of pleasure coursed through his body.

'Ah, there it is.' Seto smirked. Once he felt the boy was lose enough he withdrew his fingers out and replaced them with his own painfully hard arousal.

Yet again Jou's body went tense with the intrusion, his eyes shut tightly and biting his lip.

"Relax, it'll only hurt for a minute." Seto soothed. He started to rock his hips, lightly thrusting into the boy.

After a minute he started thrusting harder aiming for that spot that would send pleasure through the small blonde's body. Succefully hitting it, he smirked and aimed for it again and started pumping the boy's arousal.

Jou came hard onto both of their sweat-soaked bodies while Seto still thrust into him. Two more thrusts and Seto emptied his own seed into the boy. Both occupants of the bed were now completely spent. Seto reluctantly pulled out of Jou and lay beside him. He wrapped his arms around the small blonde, kissed his forehead, and fell asleep.

Jou snuggled into his new masters arms, a content smile graced his lips and he to fell asleep.

Chapter 5

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