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Chapter 3

"Maybe you can get him to say something, Yugi, he won't speak to me."

"That's because he doesn't speak, Lord Seto."


"I know I've only met him last week, but even then he never said a word."

"So he's a mute?" Yami asked. (Authoress: ::snort:: as if it wasn't obvious Katsuya-clone: Don't blame Yami, you're the one writing this Authoress: Ooooooh yeah ::looks sheepish:: ok now shh, lets get back to the story Katsuya-clone: O_O; )

"Yes, Lord Yami, I believe that is exactly what he is." Sugoroku put in.

"Um. ok, well let's go see how he's doing." With that Yami walked off toward the infirmary with the rest of the group in toe.

~~ Meanwhile Jou had finally managed to get to his feet, still a little shaky he stumbled over to the door.

'I've got to find Yugi, he'd better be ok. Who knows what those bandits could have done to him when I lost consciousness.' The blond thought to himself. 'And what about that guy I saw when I woke up? He seemed ok. No, don't think that Jou, he's probably like all the rest. Just out to use you as his pleasure toy.' His eyes started to tear up, from both the effort of walking and all that he's been through. 'Don't cry Katsuya, never let them see you cry.' He scolded himself as he stumbled up to the door. He was just about to open the door when.

Wham. Thud

"What was that?"

"I dunno, you don't think he tried to."

"Katsuya!" Yugi ran over to his fallen friend.

"Apparently he did, Yami."

"Where'd he get the strength to stand up, what with all his injuries?" Yami asked, in turn receiving a glare from the blonde.

(Katsuya-clone: Well dat scene was utterly pointless Authoress: ^_^ I know Katsuya-clone: Den what was it for? Authoress: I put it there because you were in it ^_^ Katsuya-clone: O_O; )

~Else where~

"So you ran into the boy in an ally, you say?"

"Yes, Lord Pegasus." (Authoress: ::grins evilly:: Yes I do believe you guessed right Pure Insanity ::glomps Pure Insanity:: Finally someone who understands my strange ways! Katsuya-clone: ::sweat drop, backs. away:: She's completely lost her mind ::pales:: Authoress: Who ever told you I was sane? ::looks confused:: ) Stated a tall boy with dulled blonde hair, stubble and an old bandanna (no idea how spell that)

"And what came of our dear Katsuya?" He drawled before taking a sip of crimson wine.

"When I woke up he and the other two were gone."

"You mean, he actually fought back?" Pegasus looked stunned. (Well does he look like he's with you? Geeze, Pegasus can be such an idiot. Katsuya- clone: Well aren't you the writer? Authoress: Yeah, what of it? Katsuya- clone: Well he's only doing what you write for him to do. Authoress: Uh.. ::sweat drop:: )

"Yes sir."

"And he actually won? A small thing like him beat you and 5 of your men?"

The young man growled/blushed. "Yes. Lord Pegasus."

Pegasus threw his whine in the younger man's face and slapped him, "Fool! Can't I trust you to do anything right, Keith?! You let that little whore beat you?! He's weak and pathetic! Never let it happen again!"

"Yes Sir."

"Oh and Keith."

"Yes, Lord Pegasus?"

"Bring the boy to me. He *will* be mine."

~During the day~

"Ok, well this is the kitchen." Yugi was currently showing Jou through the palace, "Oh and this is Honda!" Yugi rushed over to the other boy. "He's one of the cooks. Honda this is Katsuya, a friend of mine."

"Hello Katsuya." Honda smiled kindly at the equally eye level boy. "So what brings you to a place like this?"

Katsuya returned his smile, though his was a bit more timid and unsure. At hearing the question he looked to Yugi.

"Um.. Honda, Katsuya doesn't speak." Yugi informed him.

Honda blushed in embarrassment. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't know." He apologized.

"Hey, Honda, do you think we could get something to eat? I'm sure Katsuya is famished." ^_^

"Of course, Yugi. What would you two like?"

Katsuya glanced around nervously, he didn't really want to intrude on these people. They seemed rather nice, but he still felt out of place in such a big place. So he resigned to standing off to the side.

"What would you like to eat, Katsuya?" Yugi asked as he turned to his friend. He gestured to all the food around them. "You can have anything of your choice."

Jou's eyes nearly bugged out of his head, Yugi giggled at his comical expression.

"That's right, Katsuya. Anything you wish to eat."

Jou blushed. Looking around, he still felt nervous and out of place. Seeing that Jou was uncomfortable, Yugi grabbed a loaf of bread and handed it to Jou.

"Here ya go." ^_^ Then the little tri-color haired boy grabbed his own loaf of bread and started to leave the kitchen. "Come one Katsuya, there are many other passages to explore! Bye Honda, see ya later!" Yugi called.

~Later that night~

The palace was quiet and Jou was yet again back in the infirmary. He was there for the most part because his wounds had yet to heal and because it was still undecided as to where he should sleep.

~In Yami's chambers~

"So what is to come of the boy?"

"I'm not sure Seto. We have no knowledge of who his master is so we can't just let him go, especially with those injuries. Who knows what'll happen to him, a pretty thing like that roaming those streets without his owner."

"Maybe I could find his maybe I can find his master and purchase him." Seto pondered aloud.

Yami smiled warmly at his long time friend. Yes, Seto truly needed a companion. "Perhaps." He responded thoughtfully. Then a thought struck him, "I wonder if Yugi can remember where he first met Katsuya." With that said, both teens were off to Sugorku's room for Yugi.

~Back to the infirmary~

Jou was lying on the cot that was made for him. There was something nagging him that just wouldn't let him sleep. He wasn't sure what is was, he just had that nagging feeling.

When it seemed like he was almost asleep he heard a noise coming from the area around the window. He shakily got out of the cot, wincing with every movement due to the injuries, and started towards the door. Something inside him told him the get the hell out of that room and fast.

He was almost to the door until something, no make that someone, grabbed him around the waist and held something that felt suspiciously like metal to his exposed throat. He struggled in vain to get away from his attacker only to have the person press the knife into his neck hard enough to draw blood.

He whimpered slightly and yet still tried to get away.

"Now now, be a good little slave and do as I say." A male sneered from behind him. All he got in response was another soft, quiet whimper. The man chuckled in amusement at the small blonde in his arms, oh what fun he could have with this boy. 'I can take him right here and Pegasus will never have to know.' The man thought wryly.

Chapter 4

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