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Chapter 2

"I let them go out on their own for one day and they're late." A young man dressed in fine linens complained, but the other young man in the room knew better. His young pharaoh wasn't complaining, he was worried.

"I'm sure they are perfectly fine, young pharaoh." The older teen tried to comfort his charge, "Maybe Yugi met up with that boy in the village again. What did he say the kid's name was?"

"Katsuya I believe. Do you think I should send a guard to retrieve them, Seto?"

'Wow he is really fretting over this, isn't he?' The boy, almost man, thought to himself. "No I'm sure, Yami, that your little servant is fine. You know him, he gets along with everyone, he won't make trouble."

"That's exactly what I'm worried about, he's to trusting. Someone could easily snatch him away."


"Excuse me sir, would you happen to know a short cut to the palace?" Sugoroku asked the greasy haired man sitting at one of the tables. Both Yugi and the old man were completely oblivious to the fact that Jou was trembling, they were even more oblivious to the reason why he was trembling. For the greasy middle aged man was sending the golden haired youth unhealthy longing looks that freaked the poor boy out.

"Yes, I believe you go down that ally over there and take a right, then a left, and then another left. After this you will find yourself in another ally, with that go right and then straight." He explained. As the group walked off he stared at Jou licking his lips. 'Yes I most definitely owe the Jounouchi's a visit tonight.' He thought to himself with a wolfish grin.

As Sugoroku, Yugi, and Jou walked through the ally way furthering themselves from the market place a gang of boys, about 6 or so approached them. They looked to be about 16 or so, maybe a little older, and quite strong. The boy in the lead, Jou thought him to be the leader, had dirty blonde hair, tall, and built up. He also, Jou did not allow himself to miss this detail, had a knife in his hand. He wasn't the only one armed either, for the rest of the group also carried their own choice of weapon.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" The 'leader' walked up to Jou, "My you are a pretty one aren't you? No wonder he takes such a liking to you." He slapped the smaller blonde across the face, receiving a glare from the boy. "I wonder if he'd mind if I had my own go at you." He snickered.

Keeping Yugi and Sugoroku behind him, Jou backed into a wall. After hearing the statement from the older blonde, he spat at his feet. This earned him another painful strike to the face.

"Kill these two and take anything of value." He told the rest.

Jou noticed Yugi's small whimper and punched the older boy, successfully breaking his nose.

"Why you little."

'WHAM!' Jou landed yet another strike to his mid-section.

The older ten doubled over trying to catch his breath. Jou waved the other two to run, but the gang moved in blocking their means of escape.

"You won't get away that easily." One of the other boys growled. Jou lunged out attacking all who got in his way. His small, thin form aloud him to move faster and with more grace then the bigger bulkier boys assaulting their little group.

"Very well done." The other blonde jeered while clapping, "But that won't be good enough to defeat me." He lunged at Jou with his knife.

Jou just barley avoided the sharp blade as his foot swiped the other boy's legs from beneath him. Sending the taller boy to the ground. The older boy swiped at Jou again, this time not missing his target.

By the end of their little battle, Jou came out the victor as he stood over the older boy's unconscious form. He didn't, however, come out unscathed. Jou had slashes, bruises, and two stab wounds littering his thin, pale from.

"Katsuya?" Yugi and Sugoroku approached the trembling boy carefully. He looked up, his eyes asking them if they were ok. Seeing them to be in perfect health, he smiled weakly and fell unconscious himself. Sugoroku caught him before he hit the ground and lifted the boy up holding him with one arm around the back and the other behind his knees.

"Does this boy ever eat?" The old man asked looking worriedly at the youth in his arms, "He's unnaturally light." Yugi shot a look of concern at his bleeding, comatose, friend.

"We should really get him back to the palace, grandpa. I'm sure Master Yami will help him."

"Yes, let's be going, Yugi." And the two started their trek again, with the unconscious boy still in their care.

~30 Minutes later~

"Mi-lord? Your servants have arrived." Four guards entered the room holding Yami and Seto, the pharaoh and the high priest.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Send them in." Yami ordered.

"Yes sir.." The guards left, only to reappear with the afor mentioned servants.

"Oh Yugi where in the name of Ra have you been?" Yami ran to Yugi ( ^_^ I just think that is so cute, ok just ignore me.)

"We're terribly sorry master Yami, you see we ran into this group of bandits and."

"What?! You're not hurt are you?" Yami asked as he looked from Yugi to Sugoroku. As he looked to Sugoroku he noticed the bloody figure in his arms. ::gasp:: "Is he one of the bandits?" He asked with venom in his voice.

"Oh dear no." Sugoroku defended, "This boy is the reason we made it back here alive."

"Master Yami, this is Katsuya, the boy I met a week ago. He would never think about hurting us. He stepped in the way so we wouldn't get hurt. We have to help him Master Yami, please?!" Pleaded Yugi.

"This is Katsuya?" Seto asked, Yugi nodded.

"Of course we'll help him, Yugi. But he looks like he' in pretty bad shape." Yami commended.


Sugoroku explained all that happened in the market place to a now furious Yami.

'How dare someone try to hurt my Yugi. These men shall pay.' Yami growled mentally as he stalked off to the infirmary to check up on the boy who saved his servants.

Jou had yet to wake up as he lay peacefully in the infirmary. Seto joined Yami on his quest to the infirmary only to find the boy to still be asleep.

"He must have lost more blood than we anticipated." Yami mused, "He'll be alright, won't he?"

"Of course, Yami. If he was able to fend off the boys who did this to him, he should be strong enough to last through this." Seto looked thoughtful for a moment, "That brings up another question. How was someone, as small as himself, able to hold off that many attackers?"

"Well it seems he's about to wake up, why don't you ask him yourself?" Yami suggested, "I'm going back to Yugi now, if you need me I'll be in my quarters." And the young pharaoh left.

Jou struggled to get his eyes open, and as soon as he was able to, light flooded his vision leaving him blinded for a few seconds. He looked around the strange unfamiliar room, when his vision returned to him, baffled.

"Ah, I see you are awake. How are you feeling?" His attention swiveled over to the speaker, his body immediately stiffening, "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you." He looked at the man, no this one seemed to be a little older then himself, confused. He didn't relax any, but he did allow himself to breath.

"So I hear you saved Sugoroku and Yugi today. I'm curious, how was someone as small as you able to hold off that gang of bandits? From what I heard from Yugi, they were pretty big and strong." At Jou's frantic look Seto added, "Yugi and Sugoroku are Master Yami's are the palace's servants, well Yugi is Yami's personal servant. They are treated well here, you have no need to worry about them, Yami loves them very much." This seemed to calm the boy down a little bit, but he still kept his guard in tact. With a sigh Seto asked, "Would you like to see Yugi?" The boy's head whipped up meeting Seto's gaze.

' Wow he's got beautiful eyes.' The boy's thought in unison.

Chapter 3

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