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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I can kick and scream all I want and yet they still won't let me own not even one character of Yu-Gi-Oh! ::pouts:: So I've decided to clone Jou ^_^ YAY!

Katsuya-clone: Um ::sweat drop::

K-F-P: Yep, that's right, I own you buddy boy ^_^

Katsuya-clone: ::gulp:: help?

K-F-P: You mean you don't wanna be wit me? ::pouts::

Katsuya-clone: Um.

K-F-P: WAHHHHHHHHH! ::cries and runs off::

Katsuya: NO WAIT, COME BACK! ::chases after K-F-P:: I DIDN'T MEAN IT I SWEAR!

K-F-P: ::glomps Katsuya:: REALLY! ^_^

Katsuya-clone: Wow, you cancers have really weird mood swings ::sweat drop::

K-F-P: Well I think it's about time I start writing this story, ne?

Katsuya-clone: Yep ^_^

K-F-P: But first let me explain a few things ^_^ Yugi is Yami's personal servant (he's higher than a slave) Also I like Katsuya better than the name Jounouchi so I'm going to keep that his first name ^_^ So when people talk to him it will be Katsuya, but when I talk about him in the paragraphs I'll refer to him as Jou b/c it's easier than having to type Katsuya all the time. Last but not least they all live in Ancient Egypt where Yami is the Pharaoh and Seto is the High Priest. Ok now on with the fic.

Warning: This is a yaoi (my first time writing one) and there will be mentions of rape, child abuse, and maybe a lemon (considering I've never written a lemon before) ::blushes as she finishes typing the warning::

Chapter 1

No father please! A young boy of age six pleaded with his father. The man's only response was to yank his golden tresses harder he ripped the young boy's clothes from his tiny, trembling body. The boy was now crying harder than he ever had before.

Stop crying, ya damn mutt! The man back handed the small child across the face hard enough to send him to the ground with a soft thud. The boy whimpered in pain as the man kicked him in the ribs. Then the man started molesting the small child. The molesting shortly turned into brutal rape.

Anytime the boy would cry out in pain or whimper in the slightest, the sadistic bastard also known as the boy's father would hit him in the ribs or backhand him across the face. Soon the boy fell silent, falling into the unconscious realm of nightmares.

From that day forward, for six years, the boy was beaten and raped countless times by his father. Not to mention his father had many friends whom also brutally raped, molested, and beat him. He became a mute after the third raping, refusing to speak to anyone.

One hot day in Egypt while the boy, now twelve, was working in the fields a small boy with hair of three colors came tumbling into him. The boy, though small he was, knocked into him with such force both boys fell to the ground.

I'm so sorry, are you ok? The shorter boy apologized as he stood up. He offered his hand to help the taller boy stand, but he flinched and looked at the other boy confused, I'm not gonna hurt you, my name's Yugi. The short boy, now known as Yugi, chirped.

The blonde looked even more confused now, this boy didn't want to hurt him? That was a first, he took in the boys looks. He was short and thin, maybe about 4'6; he had big innocent violet-colored eyes, and his hair consisted of gold bangs, with black hair and red tips. He was wearing lose fitting clothing, yellowish with gold thread intertwined in it. He also wore an arm band, gold with a small ruby in it. The arm band represented him being a servant, and the jewel showed he was a personal servant. This caused the blonde to wonder where the smaller boy's master was.

The boy looked about his age and didn't seem very threatening so he took the offered hand, hesitantly. Yugi cocked his head to the side quizzically, What's your name? he chirped. The boy didn't respond, he had forgotten how to use his voice six years ago. Instead he just looked to the ground in shame.

What's the matter? The little one asked. The blonde looked up, just in time to see his father come storming out of the hut in a fit of rage. His eyes widened in fear and he started to back up, pulling Yugi with him.

What's wro? Yugi was cut off as the boy shoved him to the ground taking the hit from his father. The blow was actually meant to hit Yugi for talking to the man's son, but the boy got in the way.

Didn't I tell you there was work to be done? The man hissed in anger as he struck the boy again, No quite trying to make friends and get to work, mutt! He seethed as he threw his son to the ground harshly, And you He turned to Yugi, Stay away from Katsuya, he has many chores to be done. He sneered. He turned back to his son, yanked him to his feet and drug him into the small hut.

Now it was Yugi who looked confused. He heard his grandfather calling him, so he took off in that direction.

Grandpa! He leapt into the old man's arms, Guess what? He chirped.

Yes Yugi? The old man smiled kindly.

I made a new friend, his name is Katsuya! The small boy chirped, He doesn't speak though. He tilted his head with a confused/thoughtful expression on his face. The old man chuckled at the cuteness of it.

Well then, how did you learn his name?

Some man called him Katsuya.

Oh. Well we should probably be getting back to Yami now, he's probably looking for us. Yugi nodded and the two walked off in the direction of there master.

~A weak later~

Jou, also known as Katsuya, was walking through the market place. He didn't get to come through here very often, but once in a while his father would send him out here to pick up a few things.

Well hello there Katsuya. Came a husky voice from behind the small boy. Jou whirled around finding the owner of the voice. He found a man, one of his father's friends, staring at him hungrily. The man was on the tall side, with shoulder length silver/lavender hair and brown eyes. He always dressed in fine clothes, which surprised Jou considering he was a friend of his father. A pretty little thing like you shouldn't wonder these streets alone, you should know that by now. The man purred. He then slipped a strong arm around the small boy's tiny waist dragging him into an ally. Jou struggled with all his might to get away, but the older man was just too strong for him.

When they were in the back of the ally, far from the market place, the man threw Jou to the ground. Jou tried to stand, but the man pushed him down and straddled him. Again, Jou struggled to no avail.

Warning: This scene includes rape, if you cannot handle it, turn back now!

Come on little slut, just give in already. The man hissed in a pleasure filled tone as he slid the boy's pants down. The man pinned Jou's hands above his head and forced him into a brutal kiss, bruising his soft lips. Jou still continued to struggle, he give into the bastard above him. He wouldn't let himself be weak and give in. You know struggling make it hurt worse. The man sneered as he slapped the boy across the face. The man slipped his pants off, still pinning the boy down with one hand and one leg. With Jou struggling beneath him he couldn't get to the boy's entrance. So he bit down hard on the boy's neck drawling blood.

The searing pain in his neck, ceased Jou's struggles for just a second. But that second was all the man above him needed, as he impaled the small boy with one quick, painful thrust. Jou opened his mouth in a silent scream, this allowed the man to ravish his mouth as well. Jou still kept struggling, so the man landed a painful punch to the boy's mid-section. Jou was crying, he didn't want to, but he was. The man was hurting him so much. It always hurt when people did this to him.

The man kept thrusting into him, purposely missing his pleasure spot. He wanted to make the boy bleed. He loved fucking this boy. No matter how many times this boy has been taken, he was always impossibly tight. Almost as if he had never been touched before, and this confused and delighted the man. This boy was truly unique, he wanted to own him. But the boy's father also took pleasure in him, so he would never be sold. Not permanently anyway.

*grunt* No matter how many times you're fucked, you always seem as tight as a virgin. He gritted. Jou just continued to struggle, feeling fatigue setting in. He hated feeling weak, and that's how he always seemed to feel. The man pumped in and out of him harshly, You are so irresistible, you know that? He hissed. He thrust in one last time before emptying his seed in the boy. He pulled out reluctantly and kicked the boy one last time. He pulled his pants on, smirking as he saw the blood on the boy's thin, pale legs.

Clean yourself up, Katsuya. He snickered, You wouldn't want anyone to find you like this and take advantage, now would you? He drawled. Jou glared weakly at him as he turned and walked away.

End of rape scene

Jou sat up weakly. Finding some ripped up cloth on the ground, he cleaned himself up. He pulled on his pants and limped back to the market place. Pain ripping through his body with each movement. He wiped away his tears as he stepped back into the market place.

Katsuya? Katsuya it is you! Yugi glomped Jou sending the two boys to the ground accidentally. Jou winced as his body came in contact with the hard, sandy ground. He looked up to find the little boy he met a week ago sitting on top of him.

Oh, I'm so sorry Katsuya, are you ok? Yugi apologized hastily, I didn't mean to knock you down, I swear. Yugi climbed off Jou and helped the boy to his feet. Jou gave him a weak smile to show Yugi he was ok. Jou looked around, dusting himself off. His body froze, however, when he saw another one of his father's friends giving him a hungry look.

Katsuya? Jou looked down to Yugi, Are you ok? Jou nodded and smiled weakly again. Good cause I want you to meet someone. Yugi chirped (Authoress: he's like a bird, always chirping ^_^ Katsuya-clone: ::snort:: Why is it I'm always getting hurt? Authoress: because I love you and I love angst. It's also because this is *my* story.)

Yugi pulled Jou by the wrist over to an old man with grey hair and beard. Katsuya this is my grandfather, and grandfather this is my new friend Katsuya. ^_^

Jou smiled weakly at the old man, feeling safe.

So your Katsuya, Yugi has been talking non-stop about you. He smiled warmly at the young boy, Well Yugi, I think we should be getting back to Master Yami now, before he gets worried.

Ok grandfather! ^_^ Would you like to walk with us Katsuya? Jou looked back at the man sending him hungry looks then to Yugi and his grandfather. It wasn't really a hard decision. He nodded `yes' to Yugi and the small group of three started walking though the market place.

Authoress: Well that's enough for this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it.

Chapter 2

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