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Where Would You Be

Song by Martina McBride entitled Where Would You Be

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or its characters, and I do not own the song either.

WARNING: Song-fic character death/death fic, implied child-abuse and rape. Light Shounen-ai

[I wonder where your heart is
Cause it sure dont feel like its here]

Jounouchi Katsuya sat on the edge of his and Setos bed, a dagger in one trembling hand and tears streaming continuously down pale smooth cheeks. He couldnt help it, no matter what he did the tears would just keep coming like an endless brook, they just refused to let him be in peace.

[Sometimes I think you wish
That I would just disappear]

The two had been together since the incident at the blondes home. Seto had come over due to a mandatory project the two had to work on for class. He definitely wasnt expecting to see a bleeding and broken Jounouchi naked on the crimson stained kitchen floor. Beer cans surrounding the boy like a mockery of a false fortress.

[Have I got it all wrong
Have you felt this way long
Are you already gone]

After finding Jou in that puddle of blood, the brunette had taken him home and cleaned him up. The blue-eyed teen took care and protected the broken boy.

But lately the brunette had been disregarding him as if he were just a burden. Almost going back to his old cold-hearted self.

Jounouchi wasnt sure what he had done to cause this. He only wished he could fix it. But Seto wouldnt tell him.

[Do you feel lonely
When youre here by my side
Does the sound of freedom
Echo in your mind]

He tried to talk to the older boy, but each time Seto would either be busy or just give him a flippant remark making him feel stupid for even the slightest worry.

[Do you wish you were bye yourself
Or that I was someone else
Anyone else]

Sometimes he would wonder if Seto were unhappy with his choice of taking Jou in the way he did.

Maybe Seto would be happier if he werent around to burden him anymore. He had thought about so many times before. Jou would sit in their room entertaining the thought of going back home. He didnt want- to go back, who would willingly- want to go back to all the abuse and rape that he was subjected to all those years?

But he had no other place to go.

[Where would you be
If you werent here with me
Where would you go
If you were single and free
Who would you love
Would it be me
Where would you be]

He loved the brunette. He knew this from the beginning. But he could honestly say that he doubted his feelings were returned.

[I dont wanna hold you back
No I dont wanna slow you down]

He could so much better

Who wants a broken toy anyway?

These were the thoughts that floated around his deeply depressed mind on a daily bases. And he believed them entirely.

[I dont wanna make you feel
Like you are tied up and bound
Cause thats not what loves about]

Crystal tears fell from the bleeding angels amber-tinted eyes as dropped the silver dagger tainted with his life blood as it began to rain outside.

[If theres no chance we can work it out
Tell me now
Oh, Tell me tell me now]

The rain fell heavily, drenching the earth with tears of the forgotten. Its coldness easily mimicking the feeling infesting itself inside a dieing boys heart as he cried what tears he had left.

[Where would you be
If you werent here with me
Where would you go
If you single and free
Who would you love
Would it be me
Where would you be]

Closing his eyes and accepting the feeling of exhausted weakness taking hold of his body. Jounouchi Katsuyas last tears fell. With one breathless shudder he spoke in the smallest of whispers.

[Have I become the enemy
Is it hard to be yourself
In my company]

Im sorry Seto.

Blood stained his pale skin along with his white button-up shirt and silk bed sheets surrounding his lifeless body.

[Where would you be
If you werent here with me
Where would you go
If you were single and free
Who would you love
Would it be me
Where would you be]

A few minutes later the young CEO entered the mansion with a bright, positively beaming smile on his face. He shook the rain droplets from his attire and set down his suitcase before being glomped by his younger brother.

Mokuba looked up seeing his brothers smile. He asked the older boy about his good mood receiving a ruffle of his hair.

Seto leaned down to whisper in his ear and show the youth the diamond and sapphire ring intended for a certain blonde-haired amber-eyed boy.

The younger, raven haired boy was hopping around excitedly as he pushed his brother toward the stairs leading him up to His and Jous room.

Seto raced up the stairs to their room calling out his young lovers name as he burst into the room. What he saw when he got there completely whipped the smile off his face. Never in his wildest nightmares- would he ever want to see this.

On the bed was Jounouchi Katsuyas limp, lifeless body. Paler than he had ever seen the boy with the exception of crimson liquid pooled around him. One arm hung limp over the side of the bed with blood dripping to the floor and on the floor lay the blood stained rose dagger.

No It was barely a whisper as the brunette stumbled over to the bed, No, please Katsuya, let this be a nightmare.

He lifted the boy into his arms and cradled the cold body of his love as he rocked them back and forth. Tears fell from Sapphire blues eyes to mix with those left to dry on the cold pale skin of the lifeless figure in his arms.

Dont leave me, Katsuya, please dont leave me... He pleaded as he nuzzled his face into the crook of the blondes neck. He knew it was too late, but he desperately didnt want to let go.

He looked up seeing a small, black folded paper lying on the night table by the side of the king-sized bed.

He plucked it up almost fearfully and unfolded the paper. Inside, neatly scrawled in the dead boys writing, white ink read

Where would you be
if you werent here with me
Where would you go
If you were single and free
Who would you love
Would it be me
Where would you be

AUTHORESS: Sorry bout that. Never in my life had I ever thought Id write one of these (death-fic or song-fic) I was just listening to my moms Martina McBride CD and the thoughts just came to me. I was sort of in a depressed mood so I decided I should write it or it was going to bother me all night.

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